Why You Should Never Paint Your Roof Yourself

Contractor working on a client's roof

The only reason you should take seriously when painting your own roof is money. You may enjoy potential savings if you go the DIY route. But how much can you really save, and will it be enough to justify doing this challenging task yourself?

The problem with DIY roof painting

It’s not just the cost of paint that should be on your mind. Before painting your roof, you’ll need some specific equipment and products for cleaning it. You also have to make sure those products are recommended for use on the type of roof you have. Then you have to consider the cost of priming the roof, as well.

Often, it is after cleaning that you may notice some of the damage that’s already present on your roof, and that calls for repairs. You can’t ignore the damage and proceed to painting. Another problem is, without prior experience, you may not be able to identify some minor damage or the signs that your roof is close to it.

As far as the paint is concerned, you’ll need at least a basic understanding of the kind of paint your roofing material takes.

Why it is more sensible to call a contractor

There are companies like Gavin Chan Decorators Limited you can call that specialise in home painting services. With years of experience and certification, they are more likely to do a good job that’s free from any issues.

Professionals already have the equipment and they know which products to recommend for any specific type of roof. Checking, prepping, cleaning and priming take less time. They will talk to you about the paints that suit your roofing material and the colours that will look great on your home.

Professional painters have the equipment to keep them safe while working at height. As a team, they can do the job faster too. A reputable contractor has insurance to make sure you don’t have to pay for any injuries or damage that might happen. If they make a mistake, they can remedy it immediately; whereas, if you make a mistake, you might end up calling a contractor anyway to fix it.

It’s not a bad idea to do your roof painting yourself, but that’s only if you have considerable experience. Otherwise, you can save time and energy and avoid risks and mistakes by hiring a contractor. The decision should be easy.