Why You Should Have Your Eyes Checked Every Two Years

Standard eye test

Eye tests are now done with automated tools that are very precise in their measurements. This is very convenient for people who need to have their eyes examined, as well as for the opticians who measure them. There is no longer an excuse not to see an optician.

Like other doctors, the Crowborough Opticians recommend that you have your eyes examined at least every two years. This schedule will help make sure that your prescription glasses are compatible with your eyesight.

Regular Check-ups

Various studies have been shown that up to half of the adult population requires prescription glasses. The eyes adjust to the life of the individual. For this reason, prescription glasses could only be assured to fit the eye grade for only a short period of time. In two or three years, an individual’s eyesight might degrade enough to warrant a change in glasses.

Eye tests include looking at the eye, both outside and the back. Tests are also conducted for any sight defects and visual acuity. A complete eye exam is not needed when going to an optician for prescription glasses. However, as part of a regular physical exam, this is one procedure that is considered as optional.

Dilated Eye Exam

A complete exam also includes what is called a dilated eye exam, which allows the doctor to see through to the back of the eye. This uses eye drops to widen the pupil of the eye. This is not normally part of a regular eye exam for glasses. This exam, however, is recommended every two or three years. The complete eye exam should be taken if the person already has some other illnesses that may affect the eyesight, like diabetes.