Why Invest in Granny Flats?

House model

Granny flats and their rising popularity in Australia has been around from quite some time and is here to stay. If you are one of the homeowners who has not yet invested in one and is looking to doing so, then you came to the right place.

Whether you plan on building transportable home granny flats, or a traditional one, it pays to understand why more and more people are investing in it. Below are four of the most popular reasons why homeowners build one.

Increase Your Property Value

Most homeowners see granny flats as an investment because they help increase your property’s overall home value. So, when the time comes that you need to let go of your home, you would know that you will get more than it is valued partially because of your granny flat.

Give You More Space

As families grow, so is the need for space. Some people build granny flats to give them more space to do their passion, hobbies, or simply have a stock room.

It Can Be Rented

Make the most of your investment by renting out your granny flat. Most flats are equipped with the necessities like toilet and bath, kitchen, small room as well as electricity and water supply. Students, or people who are looking for a place to rent often consider the chance of renting one.


Perhaps this is the primary reason why people choose to build granny flats. They are versatile not only in usage, as mentioned in the previous points, but they can also be placed anywhere the law allows. Plus, it has an option to make into transportable ones making it easier for you to bring it should you need to transfer homes one day.
Haven’t invested in granny flats yet? May it is time for you to do so.