Why are Healthy Gums Important?

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Many people in Salt Lake City suffer tooth loss mainly from injury and gum diseases. In the past, the only available treatment options for people with missing teeth were dentures and bridges. Fortunately, quality dental implants are now available. Well, to have this treatment, Crayton R. Walker DDS, MD says one needs to have healthy gums.

Here are more reasons you need to maintain healthy gums:

No Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a disorder that involves bacterial infection of the gums. Approximately 35.7 million Americans have the disease. Plague induced gingivitis is the most common in America. Plague is a sticky substance that develops on the portions of the teeth that are exposed. When gums are healthy, no plague will form in the mouth and thus no gingivitis.

No Bad Breath

Having a bad breath can adversely affect your confidence. For prevention of bad breath, it is important to keep your gums clean and healthy.

Healthier Heart

Research has linked oral inflammatory disease with a higher risk of heart disease. Excessive bacteria exposure causes gum diseases which in turn can cause cardiovascular disease as it increases inflammation level in the body. Inflammation is among the leading risk factors for heart disease thus the important of healthy gums.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Research has shown that gum disease affects blood glucose control which causes diabetes. When one is suffering from the periodontal disease, the bacteria produces some toxins that have an impact on carbohydrates metabolism in the cells. The same bacteria is known to escalate insulin resistance and consequently blood glucose. You need to take care of your teeth rather than wait to fight diabetes.

Prevent Tooth Loss

The core cause of tooth loss is gum disease. Maintaining a healthy gum minimizes the chances of losing your teeth. Brushing your teeth after every meal or flossing are some of the important ways of keeping your teeth intact.

Taking care of your gums should be every individual’s priority. Always ensure you maintain excellent oral health practices and schedule for regular dental visits for cleaning and check-ups.