Using Reiki to Cope with Divorce

A woman receiving reiki treatmentThe divorce rate in Australia is a staggering 43%, while in the U.S it is at 53%. But the highest rates in the world are in Portugal, Spain and Hungary, with divorce rates above 60%. Despite its common occurrence, divorce remains one of the most stressful and traumatic life events. Reiki is one way to bring back the calm to life.

While family breakdown is sadly very common, the process of divorce is one of the most stress-inducing events, next to the death of a loved one, loss of a job or moving home.

While death brings finality, divorcees have to navigate a new post-marriage relationship if children are involved, and the sense of rejection can be acute.

Reiki is a good way to maintain relaxation and aid in better sleep.

What is Reiki?

Healing expert Vagabond Temple states that Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing method that promotes the flow of life force energy to help a person feel relaxed and peaceful and enhance their feeling of wellbeing.

People can channel energy through a Reiki therapist, or it can be self-administered. Once learned, it is a totally free way to access self-healing.

Benefits of Reiki

Research studies have shown that Reiki can reduce feelings of stress and depression, which is why people use it – along with other human touch therapies – frequently in hospital and hospice settings. It is also effective at reducing chronic pain and feelings of “burn out.”

Self-administering Reiki can help people going through a divorce because it is a loving action that can increase positive thoughts and bring a sense of control back.

There are no limits to how often one can do it, so if the person feels sad to come home to an empty house, or just had an argument with their ex, they can simply give themselves more Reiki.

Booking a Reiki practitioner also has benefits. Touch therapies can restore the feeling of connection to others and heighten self-esteem and feelings of worthiness.


Joining a Reiki healing course will not only bring these benefits at your fingertips but will also give you an opportunity to make new friends too. To find out how Reiki can shape the next stage of your life journey, contact a healing institution now.