Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose Dental Implants

Senior happy with her dental implants

There are other replacement options for lost teeth, but implants enjoy a better reputation, for many great reasons. In fact, more people are considering this treatment as the best solution to their lost teeth.

If you are wondering whether you should get dental implants in Barnet, Cuffley Village Dental Practice shares information that could help you make a decision.

Implants are almost exactly like your real teeth

Implants are stable and strong, and they look no different from your natural teeth. They might make you feel as if you had never lost your tooth or teeth. Other replacement options, such as dentures, may lead to jawbone deterioration, a problem that you are not likely to have with implants.

Implants are a long-term solution

When you consider the benefit of implants lasting an entire lifetime, you might realise that they are more cost-effective than other treatment options. Dental bridges anchored to your remaining natural teeth may last up to ten years with proper care. That is shorter compared to how long implants last with optimum care and perhaps some adjustments by your dentist.

Implants are worry-free

Eat, laugh, talk and smile without worrying that your replacement teeth may look unnatural. You do not have to worry that they might fall out, which is an embarrassing reality that many people face when they wear dentures in social gatherings.

Implants support your face

Implants replace the tooth and the tooth root. With dentures, that is not possible. As there is stimulation to your jawbone and gums when you have implants, you do not have to worry that your jawbone might deteriorate and your face will begin to sag prematurely. Not replacing lost teeth or using other replacements can lead to a noticeable change in your appearance.

Implants protect your real teeth

When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth shift slowly. The tooth on the opposing bone grows into the gap, and the teeth on either side of the gap also shift toward its direction. This is due to lack of stimulation on the gap’s jawbone. To place a tooth-supported bridge, your dentist may have to grind away the supporting teeth, so you are still left with damaged teeth holding a replacement that will not last very long.

Implants do not require grinding. They are shaped like the teeth you lost and they keep your bone stimulated; therefore preventing movement among your natural teeth.

Implants are perhaps the best solution to lost teeth. They may seem costlier at first, but that is what you pay for quality and the high probability that you will never need to replace them again.