Tips on Enhancing Modern Homes Using Stone Walls

Exterior Of A Modern House

There are many ways to design the interior of your house to look and feel more comfortable. Warm colours, soft furniture and pleasant scents are some things to consider in making a home a cosy environment. The design of the walls is another vital aspect to consider when designing the interior. Different wall designs are becoming more prevalent in modern homes.

Deco Stones, Ireland’s leading distributor of sustainable wall covering solutions, offers innovative wall covering designs such as decorative stone and brick cladding. Their stone cladding is a popular choice for fireplace chimney breast decorative cladding, TV feature walls and more. Using a stone wall in a modern house enhances its appeal and gives a home a more natural and earthy feel.

Modern House Design Tips

There are many tips to consider when designing a modern house. Colours, textures and patterns for the interior of a home, need to complement the overall design of the house. For instance, using a wall with a rough texture may be paired with neutral coloured furniture to create a balance between distinctive and minimalist design.

Lighting is also a good way to bring out the elegance of the colours of the walls and furniture. A warm yellow light may be installed over a brown wooden oak dining table to display the furniture’s alluring aspect.

Incorporating Stone Cladding

Besides the lighting and colours, there are many advantages of stone walls that can bring out an impressive interior design of a modern home. Using stone walls is eye-catching, and it is also excellent at absorbing sound.

If you plan to incorporate stone walls in a room that is not that spacious, you should only decorate one part of the wall with stone cladding so you don’t overload the room. For example, brick stones are ideal for lofts and contemporary interiors. On the other hand, large rocks and embossed stone walls are great for rustic or country style home interiors.

Stone cladding provides a traditional look in contemporary living spaces. Their growing popularity is a design movement to incorporate a rustic sense to modern homes.