This Is What You Get from Being a Blood, Bone Marrow, or Organ Donor

Donate Bone Marrow

Donate Bone MarrowDonations can go beyond monetary offerings. Currently, many life-saving operations require donors for organs, blood, and bone marrow.

Consider the following benefits of being a donor of the following medical requirements:

Blood Donation

This is probably the kind of medical donation that offers the most health benefits to both the receiver and the donor. Obviously, as the donor, you offer heaps of good for the receiver of your blood donation. Meanwhile, you also get a free on-the-spot blood test and mini-health examination before your donation. Giving blood at least once a year also reduces your chances of suffering heart attacks and cancer.

Bone Marrow Donation

Though donating bone marrow actually benefits the receiver more, there are still a few vital perks to being a bone marrow donor in Salt Lake City. You may be donating bone marrow to a family member, most likely a sibling or a parent. Being able to save someone’s life – especially an individual that you have close family ties with – gives you a priceless boost of morale and self-worth.

Organ Donation

Organ donors don’t need to die to see the results of their kind-hearted act. They can willingly give a kidney, part of their liver, and other organs even while still alive. True, you can suffer negative side effects from your donation, but being given the opportunity to save a life is quite a priceless perk. Signing up for organ donation upon your death can also offer the same chance of saving lives, except this time you can save up to eight people, assist in furthering medical research, and assist your family in their grief when you do pass on.

Unfortunately, despite the said benefits, very few donors are still willing and available. Contact your doctor or hospital if you’re truly interested in offering someone a new lease on life.