This is How Much Damage a House Fire Can Cause

a house on fire

Experiencing a fire in your home can cause a lot of distress to you and your family. Anyone can get hurt and it can be more dangerous if there were children in the house.

But fire damage restoration services in Salt Lake City, like AAA Restoration, believe fires don’t just cause physical injuries. The severity of the damage that can happen may be beyond what you can see. Here’s how much damage a fire can do to your home.

Damage from The Actual Fire

Depending on where the fire originated, the flames can burn just a wall or the entire house. There are many chemicals that can fuel these types of fires like perfumes, bug sprays, or spray paint and sometimes the damage can seep through walls, floorboards or other places you won’t see right away.

Damage from Smoke

Smoke and soot leave stains that are difficult to remove. Not only that, but they also leave a foul smell that sticks to many surfaces. If it gets on upholstery or carpets, the odor could be more difficult to remove. If the smoke residue settles on varnished furniture or fixtures, they will lose their shine and make it difficult to restore.

Damage from the Water Used to Put It Out

Using a lot of water is the only sure way to kill a fire. As a fire hose shoots 150 pounds of water per square inch, it soaks everything in your house damaging furniture, carpets, floors, electrical components, and anything else it reaches. This water brings with it soot and burnt residue that can stain surfaces and leave a foul odor.

Damage from Mold

This stems out from the water damage. If you don’t have your home dried and cleaned out right away, surfaces that are wet will develop mold within 24-48 hours. This causes allergies, respiratory problems, and asthma.

Prevention is the best way to avoid any of these damages. Be mindful when cooking, using candles, or electric appliances. Rid your homes of fire hazards and have emergency number always memorized.