The Way to Go is Solo: Why You Should Try Traveling Alone

Man travelling solo

There are those who would never last five minutes alone, even if they are only out for coffee in their own city. Then there are those who would rather be alone, even if they’re traveling to another city, state, region, or country.

Even people who used to fear traveling alone, however, may swear by the benefits of solo travel when they finally try it. Here are some of those benefits.

You only have to worry about yourself

If you’re sick of having to “follow the leader” around all day or making do with what the most influential member of your group decides even if you don’t like it, solo travel may be the break you’ve always wanted.

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It may help you get out of your shell

If you’re shy around strangers, traveling on your own may help you get over that shyness. When you begin to crave the company of someone while you’re out and about, you may finally gather the courage to befriend someone you don’t even know.

You can read on the road

On a train, a bus, or a plane, there’s nothing quite like reading to pass the time when you’re tired of the scenery or the sheer lack of it. You don’t have to make small talk or listen to someone discuss ways to spend the time at your destination. You can just bury yourself in a thick novel or several (if you carry a Kindle).

Do what you want, when you want

Want to enjoy a nice, warm hotel room and room service? Do it. Rise early or sleep in, totally up to you. The downside of having a companion or a few is that someone might feel the need to fill your itinerary to “maximize” your vacation. That may be all right for some, but if you would rather just really enjoy some relaxing moments, go alone. Enjoy a latte at the bakeshop down the road, or a swim at the beach. Nobody can tell you otherwise.

Everyone should try traveling solo at least once. It lets you find out about things you never knew about yourself and other cultures without having to worry about how a companion might feel about it.