The Modern Man’s Guide to Wearing Cowboy Boots

A Cowboy

There is a reason Western fashion has become an iconic style. The gun-toting and pistol-slinging real cowboys are gone now, only immortalized in books and movies, but the style will stay to teach the modern man how to select footwear. In this case, it's the cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots Explained

Don't worry about the expense and focus on the advantages of wearing this pair of fancy footwear. First, it has a unique shape, thanks to its taper. Your foot will look sexy and manly because of the distinct curves on the shoe. The heels also give you additional height, which makes you look more in control of the situation. It is rare to see plain men's cowboy boots on sale, but you may choose a shoe with minimal designs, so you won't feel uncomfortable.

What to Pair with Cowboy Boots

If you don't like to imitate the traditional Wild Wild West fashion, you can ditch the all head-to-foot Western look. Stay classy when you combine your cowboy boots with the following apparel: casual suits, dress trousers, collared and checkered shirts (you may also wear plain collared shirts), dark tight jeans, jackets, fringed belts, and straw cowboy hats.

Why Wear Them

Men who are vertically challenged could wear cowboy boots to look taller. The heel catches a lot of attention, too. This kind of boots also shows the uniqueness of your character. For the more historically inclined, wearing cowboy boots gives a sense of entitlement, as if saying they are proud to wear the history of America.

How to Buy Cowboy Boots

Know the anatomy of cowboy boots: the tabs, shank, heel, sole, and toes. This will help you select your footwear more objectively, instead of buying a pair just because it looks good on you.

Check the fit of the boots. Your toes should not be too cramped up, and it should have enough room to wriggle and breathe. The tabs, on the other hand, should enable you to wear the boots without pulling up too hard. Remember that comfort should not be taken for granted.

Giddyup you 'ol cowboy and say howdy to a pair of cowboy boots, you wouldn't regret it.