The Culprits That Will Stain Your Teeth

Oral Dental Care

Many food and drinks can stain your teeth, although staining happens naturally with aging. If your teeth are losing their dazzle, same day whitening can bring back your confidence and your beautiful smile.

What people eat and drink can influence how fast their teeth begin to stain. Here are some of the products known for their teeth staining ability:

Tea and Coffee

Tea is the worst offender because it contains tannins and acid. Tannins come from plants and make it easy for stains to adhere to the teeth. Acids also damage the enamel by thinning it out and making it rougher. Coffee comes in at second and also contains tannins and acids.

Fruit Juices

Citrus fruit juices and tomatoes contain lots of acids and can erode the enamel, exposing the darker layer of yellow dentin.

Fizzy Drinks/Soda

The high sugar content in a soda can gradually rot the teeth. Bacteria feed off sugar, so eating lots of sugary snacks will encourage the growth of bacteria and this, in turn, will cause unsightly holes in the teeth and the need for fillings.

Red Wine

Both red and white wines contain tannins, but white wine has no color that can stain the teeth. The stronger the color, the more chances it has of staining. Blackberries, blueberries, and other bright ‘superfoods’ also fall into this category.

The Solution

Mahoney Family Dentistry and other providers of teeth whitening service in South Bend offers a solution to discolored teeth. Patients can enjoy whitening for life at their local dental surgery. The whitening for life option allows patients to get custom-fitted whitening trays for a reduced cost and follow-up whitening treatments during their subsequent dental visits.

Tannins from tea and coffee, sugary snacks, and vivid, colorful food can damage the enamel and stain your teeth, but with good hygiene, regular dental visits, and teeth whitening, patients can enjoy a lighter shade permanently.