The Beauty of Gas Fireplaces: Energy-Efficient, Elegant and Safe for Any Household

gas fireplace

There is elegance in houses with fireplaces. Fire has an allure that attracts people to be closer to one another in an otherwise cold room.

According to fireplace expert Comfort Solutions, the modern fireplace can be as economical to use as regular heating methods. Usually, the only thing hindering a family to have a fireplace is the supposed cost of installation and operation.

Types of Gas Fireplace

There are three types of gas fireplaces: zero-clearance fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and free-standing gas fireplace. Zero-clearance fireplaces can be placed flush against the wall without the need for any clearances from authorities. This enables the fireplace installations in even small spaces.

Gas inserts are an upgrade to a home with an existing chimney. The gas insert is practically a box inserted into the fireplace. This solution helps in the interior decor if the existing wood-burning fireplace is in disrepair.

A free-standing gas fireplace looks like a wood fireplace. It also has logs inside it, which makes it appear as if it’s burning wood, even if it was gas-operated. It can be thermostat-controlled, turned on with a switch, or with a remote control.

Advantages of a Gas-Fired Fireplace

A gas-powered fireplace has distinct advantages over a wood-burning one. For one, there is no need for logs or coal. It uses natural gas, which can come from your main gas supply. No firewood means no hauling, and no sparks when it is in operation.

Gas fireplaces are high-efficiency devices, while at the same time they can help save at least 25% on power consumption. This leads to warmer fireplaces, even if there is no chimney. They are stylish, can be controlled with a remote control and are also much safer to use.

Overall, a gas-fired fireplace is a modern heating device. It is energy efficient, generates high heat, is safe, and easy to operate.