Tanning and How to Achieve the Perfect Shade

woman with a bronze tan skin sitting at the beach

Every woman’s worst nightmare is to turn orange instead of tan and have the same shade like President Donald Trump. Luckily, there are ways to have the perfect tan at home, minus the basking under the sun part.

You may have probably chosen your go to tanning oil with SPF, or is still searching for the right one, but the bottom line is, the whole tanning process starts from the choosing part to the maintenance end.

Here are some tips to have the perfect tan at home.

Practice makes perfect

Washable tans are available in stores, and these products allow you to have an idea of what you would look like tan, while at the same time give you the feel of applying tan.

Washable tans are a great way to practice tanning oil application as well as the amount that you need to get the shade you want. As they say, practice makes perfect. It works with tanning too.

Choose your shade wisely

Every person has different skin type and colour, make sure you choose your tan based on YOUR skin type. Do not be afraid to try on swatches of shades and see one that would best fit your tone.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Exfoliate! This is the secret to getting that tan you have always wanted. Starting with a clean canvass ensures that the tanning oil penetrates deep down your skin for a lasting and perfect tan.


Tanning oils can alter the quality of the skin and can make it slightly drier. Make sure you do not forget to moisturise from head to toe concentrating on parts like your elbows, knees, heels and your fingertips among others.

Have the right tools, or the right people

Mitts and brushes are great tools to help you with hard to reach places. Another great help would be finding someone to do it for you. Applying tanning oil at your back can be tricky, but having a person to assist you can give you a peace of mind that you cover your back, literally.

Do not just dream of that summer tan. Have it, evenly and perfectly, with these helpful tips.