2018 Singapore Tourism Trends That Will Surely Excite You

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Singapore remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world thanks to its thriving hospitality and tourism industry.

Millions of people visit Sentosa, Singapore attractions, as well as other famous destinations in the country. If you are planning a trip to the city-state in 2018, you can look forward to these cool travel trends:

More Chinese-centric Customer Experience

Many countries, including Australia and the United States, are working on attracting the Chinese tourism market. Not only are they avid group travellers, but they are likewise huge spenders.

In Singapore, the Chinese make up a huge percentage of tourists, increasing 7 per cent between January and July. That is almost two million visitors in only half a year. To grow the market, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Alipay partnered and used analytics to learn about their shopping behaviour and deliver a more personalised travel experience in the Lion City.

Excitement and Luxury

A recent survey revealed that more travellers are open to spending for a better experience. These may include a seat upgrade or a pricier hotel room with a good view. Travellers are likewise after a more enriching experience. Almost 58 per cent wanted to visit the places they have never been before whilst 49 per cent desired adventure.

In Singapore, many tourist attractions can offer both luxury and excitement. Buying a Sentosa day pass guarantees an all-day access to sprawling golf courses, award-winning spas and a deep water yacht marina. Adrenaline junkies can try the thrilling rides in Sentosa.

Smart Hotels

Singapore hotels are about to get smarter with a tech roadmap designed by STB and the hotel association. The framework will involve adopting cost-efficient technologies, such as artificial intelligence, facial recognition during the check-in process, and e-wallet systems for payments. This will pave the way for a more customised experience during the guest’s stay.

Singapore may be a small island nation, but it sure knows how to compete and stay on top. In the end, the tourists win.

Confidently Queensland Report: What Does It Say about the Future of the Region?


Aerial view of a coast in QueenslandThe future is looking bright for Queensland. According to a Deloitte report called Confidently Queensland, the region could be worth $54 billion by 2027. Around that time, the highly diversified industries will create more than 230,000 new jobs while the population will grow to 300,000 more.

To get there, however, the report cited three important components: livable communities, inclusive growth, and diversified economy. Firms that provide Townsville conveyancing services have these to say on the matter.

Livable Communities

Queensland hopes to bring in more productive migrants into the region. Not only are they highly skilled, but they are also young. The growth, meanwhile, may still be decentralised, which means many of them will not be living in the capital.

In fact, based on the data by Queensland Treasury, Brisbane will grow at an annual rate of only 1.1 percent, which is lower than the state average. The Sunshine Coast, on the other hand, may increase over 2 percent annually. This trend may continue within the next two decades.

Diversified Economy

The region already has one of the most diversified economies in the country, which also helps avoid overcrowding the state capital. It is just a matter of boosting some key industries. These include tourism, agriculture, and energy.

One of the current strategies is to attract Chinese tourists who not only travel in groups but also spend a lot of money. To do this, the government is strengthening its ties with China by easing visa policies and providing more flights, to name a few.

Inclusive Growth

Under the all-inclusive growth component, Queensland foresees a more diversified workforce – that is, there are plenty and equal opportunities for the young, unemployed, foreign migrants, aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders, and people with disabilities.

It hopes to meet the targets for the Closing the Gap Initiative, which includes reducing the mortality rate for children five years and below by half in 2018.

Meeting the goals does come with challenges, but with the way things are going, Queensland is poised to achieving its objectives. For those who want to participate in its growth, now is the right time to start investing in properties.

3 Reasons You Must Not Fail to Visit Bath


A view of Bath during the evening Visiting the UK is a dream come true for many. Mostly, people would love to take photos at the Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the like. Not many people know the historic City of Bath, which can give a totally relaxing and one-of-a-kind experience in London.

Here are three reasons you must not leave the UK without visiting this great city:

A World Heritage Site

UNESCO has made this city among the world heritage sites due to its rich history, which dates back to Roman remains. According to UNESCO, the City of Bath has cultural attributes that give it an Outstanding Universal Value. Bath has the Temple of Sulis Minerva and an awesome bath complex, which was established around the city’s famous hot springs.

A Fantastic View

Bath is in the countryside, so visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view. The old and well-preserved historic structures plus the sight all converges to give visitors a relaxing atmosphere.

Let your eyes feast on this delicate scenery and it will create a lasting memory that you will fondly recall. If you wish to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, you could always take short breaks in Bath and get back home with an energised mind and body.

A Royal Treatment

As Bath spas have a beautiful history that dates back to the Roman period, you can expect treatment befitting that of a royal. The grandeur of the Roman Empire clearly reflects its spas. You can enjoy the pampering that they provide to guests, and you will definitely have a great experience afterwards.

Indeed, Bath is a wonderful place to visit in the UK. You will have the experience of basking in a rich and powerful history while giving your mind and body a relaxing time. The moment you stay in Bath, even for just short breaks, you will surely feel rejuvenated as you go home.

Singapore: A Tourist Destination for All Interests


Tourists taking in the sight of Singapore Singapore may be a global economic hub and financial centre, but it also has many attractions and activities that can keep visitors busy for days. Are you planning a trip to Singapore? Perhaps you are going on a holiday, or you may be going on a business trip with a few days for leisure. No matter what you will be in Singapore for, you can consult the following guide to know what to do and where to go:

Child Educational Fun

Singapore has loads to offer to families. Children can enjoy KidZania, where they can roleplay as different professionals of various fields, such as a banker, a crime scene investigator or a dentist.

Family Thrills

For an attraction for teenagers and even adults, including children, you can head onto Universal Studios Singapore. The Hollywood-themed park offers countless rides and other attractions. Other locations you can visit with the family include IFly Singapore for indoor skydiving, Siloso Beach for beach fun, and Wave House Sentosa for flowboarding.

Party Adults

Are you looking for more adult-exclusive activities? You can rave all night long in the many nightclubs of Singapore in areas such as Clarke Quay, Holland Village, Dempsey Hill, Marina Bay and more. If you would rather have fun during the day, head onto a Sentosa beach party where you can enjoy the sand, the waters and great drinks.

Shopping Sprees

Do you want to bring home souvenirs and presents for friends and family? You can head onto Haji Lane of Kampong Glam where you can find all kinds of boutiques. Otherwise, you can stroll down Bugis Street for fashionable yet affordable pieces. You can also visit Orchard Road for flagship outlets.

Singapore has much more to offer in the way of cuisine, culture, wildlife, sports, art and beaches. Enjoy the Lion City!

Medical Tourism Booms in Singapore

Health and Fitness

Medical TourismWith phenomenal growth phases happening in many of the developing countries, people are now traveling to locations like India, China, Singapore and Thailand for medical tourism. There are an increasing number of people who are turning to these countries and Singapore is among the foremost choice of international patients.

Following the global economic crisis in 2009, Singapore has seen a rise in medical tourism and people are coming to the country to find affordable and quality services in healthcare.

Affordable world class healthcare has been much sought after the world over and developing countries like Singapore provide this. Medical tourism is a booming sector and one that is providing umpteen opportunities for travellers. With a study of the market scenario and also the medical infrastructure at hospitals and healthcare sectors, various market particulars are being looked at which gives a better understanding of the market dynamics. With key insights into how the medical tourism industry is in demand, one can cater to the people better. The business strategies and various medical packages can be designed to suit the needs of a vast category of audiences. NTUC Health says affordable health and eldercare services to the community are also available in Singapore.

The current scenario in the market and also the demand for quality health care services is leading to increase tourism boom in locations like Singapore. The health care industry services in demand are broken down into five essential categories neurosurgery and spinal, orthopaedic, cardiac, cosmetic surgery and dental surgery. The analysis of costs involved and other features in demand are being closely considered in order to provide the best services to people looking for medical tourism and opportunities.

The industry is a highly competitive one and proper marketing and strategies are essential to continued growth and sustenance of existing markets. With multiple choices available to customers, the best practices and strategies must be devised to attract more customers and investment.

Continuous investment and growth of the industry requires support and proper planning. Key insights into the likes and dislikes of the international patients, the sought after services and also destination choices and other particulars makes medical tourism in Singapore a lucrative and growing market with great demand among many large sections of the population.