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5 Reasons Asphalt Shingles Cup and Curl

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Are your asphalt shingles cupping or clawing? Concave centers or raised edges that curl downwards are symptoms of a roof problem that needs fixing.

Here are possible reasons your roof shingles may be cupping or clawing.

1. Your shingles are old and worn out

Age is a significant factor when it comes to cupping or curling of shingles. When shingles near the end of their life cycle, they often cup and curl. Their corners may turn up, or the roof shingles may appear wavy.

A roof repair contractor in Utah can help you determine if your shingles need replacing.

2. Your attic may be suffering from improper venting

Inadequate attic ventilation is usually not the primary cause of cupping or curling shingles. However, a loft that’s inappropriately vented can worsen these problems. If your attic overheats, it will heat up your roof and eventually the bottom side of the shingles.

The additional heat on the shingles’ underside can cause them to age prematurely, fade, or start to curl or cup.

3. Installing new roof shingles over aged ones

New shingles may not line up well with existing shingles. Consequently, the new ones may not seal properly. If those shingles don’t come off during high winds, they are likely to start curling.

4. Defective roof products

All shingles are not created equal. Sometimes, shingles cup and curl merely because of careless manufacturing. To avoid buying shoddy shingles and prevent premature curling, consult an experienced roofing contractor when purchasing roofing materials.

5. Improper roof installation

Problems during installation can lead to premature aging of the roof. Make sure the contractor you’re working with is familiar with the type of roof and shingles you’re installing.

Your roof is always trying to tell you something. If your roof shingles are cupping or curling, your attic may need proper venting, or you may need to repair or re-shingle. Let an experienced roof repair expert in Utah inspect your shingles and advice you accordingly.