Having a Party? Here is Why You Should Hold It at a Restaurant


Planning a party? You might be on the lookout for the right venue for the event. Consider holding your party at a restaurant instead of renting an events place and dressing it up or opening your home to all the chaos. Here are three reasons you should hold your party at a restaurant. Keep these things in mind as you look at restaurants in Tunbridge Wells for your party.

Less work for you

If you hold your party at an events venue or your own home, you need to hire a catering company and an events company for the staff you need on the day. When you hold your party at a restaurant, it comes with an in-house staff that can handle the ingress and the egress for you. But of course, you can still hire events people if you want to.

No need to rent tables and chairs

Unless you have complete catering equipment in your own home, you need to rent those if you are holding your event at the comforts of your own house. Many people choose to hold their parties at restaurants before the in-house décor. You do not need to spend extra money on decors because the restaurant or pub of your choice already has the vibe that you are looking for.

In-house entertainment

Many restaurants and pubs also come with their own entertainment options, be it live bands or in-house DJs. So this means you do not need to hire extra entertainment services. You can just coordinate with the in-house entertainment for any song list you may have.

When you hold your party at a restaurant, you can have more time to enjoy the festivities because you will not have to act as the event manager. You can better enjoy all the months of planning for the day, just kick back and have fun with your guests.

Don’t Turn Your Supposedly Successful Party into a Disaster


PartyIn Australian parties, not all that’s been planned would go as planned. Especially if you lack the time (and experience) to prepare, the celebration you had in mind might not become a reality. While many things can technically render your party a fail, these three things could instantly drop it to a disastrous level:

Serving Bad Food and Inadequate Drinks

What’s is a party without great and complete treats? Any event could terribly go wrong if you fall short of everyone’s expectations. Some guests skip the dining part, but anyone would at least hope to have something savoury to eat (if they want to) before drinking all night.

Speaking of drinks, the last thing you want is to have a shortage of liquor in the event. Everyone needs to keep their alcohol in check, but no one likes it when the drinks run out. This is the usual problem when you hold parties at home. Since you don’t have your own restaurant and bar in your backyard, bad foresight could lead to these catastrophes.

Picking the Wrong Style of Seating

Each event calls for a particular seating arrangement. Each style has a pocketful of positives and negatives, arranging the wrong one could create a chaotic atmosphere.

This is the reason it’s usually wise to just use a venue hire in Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, as the function room’s seats are already arranged in the right fashion. Industry expert Laruche says they can be modified based on your needs or preference, but the genius of pros event organisers when it comes to seating arrangement is unparalleled.

Playing Crappy Music

If your music is going to suck, might as well not have a party. Sure, meaningful conversations are the more important sounds of the party, but atrocious beats are no wonderful melody to the ear.

Be it a gala dinner, corporate party or family celebration, you must have an experienced DJ to take the driver seat and create the perfect soundtrack for your event.

These three should go without saying, but the fact that many hosts continue not to get all of them right, it’s always worthy to mention popular party disasters. If you want to lower the odds of failure, you can’t go wrong in spending a little to hire a venue that can provide everything you’d need.