Buying a House with Someone


a man holding a model of a houseHouse sales and purchases need to be as flexible as people are. There are lots of different arrangements that can be made to allow people to jointly own a property with some being more straightforward than others. There are often matters of inheritance to be considered in the event of one of the owners passing away.

A good mortgage solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, can fit their expertise around any situation and offer advice on purchase, protection and passing on of property.

Buying with a spouse

If someone wants to own a property with a spouse but they want to consider, for example, children from a previous marriage when it comes to inheritance, a separate legal arrangement will need to be made. A mortgage solicitor in London may have other legal experts at the firm who can help with this. Otherwise, if one owner passes away, and the ownership of the property is recorded in title deeds as a joint tenancy, this means that the surviving owner will become the outright owner and the property will not form part of the assets to be distributed under the deceased owner’s will.

Buying with a partner you are not married to or a friend

For some people, it is not possible to get on the property ladder without joining forces with a partner or friend. Up to four people can jointly apply for ownership of a house and this can make things easier when it comes to raising a deposit and mortgage. However, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account that a mortgage solicitor in London can advise on.

For example, all parties in the property have to act together if they want to make changes or, for example, re-mortgage. This means everyone has to be in agreement. Also, all owners have the right to live in the property unless a court rules otherwise so, if someone decides to end a relationship or friendship, they may still have to live with the other party unless they choose to move out. They would still be responsible for their share of the mortgage and their credit rating would be affected if the other party refuses to pay their share and the mortgage falls into arrears.

Tips for a Stress Free Home Mortgage


The home mortgage process can be overwhelming. There are a lot of jargon and terminologies that can confuse. Having a home mortgage is a significant commitment as it requires a lot of money and time. Here are some tips to take note of to make things less intimidating for you.

Use the requirements as a guide

A home mortgage is for people who want to have financial aid when buying their home. They can be given by a bank, a mortgage company, or any financial institution. As the lenders of the money, each will have their own set of requirements. You can use these requirements as guides to make the application process smooth for you. Focus on them one at a time to minimize your stress level.

Watch out for the loan amount

The lender needs the amount you need to buy a house. Since they need to appraise the property, do not let the loan amount go beyond the worth of the property. It will serve as your collateral when you borrow money from the lender.

Compare rates

Down-payment amounts and mortgage rates in Utah differ from one another. These depend on the lender’s policy. Some lenders do not ask for a down-payment. It is important for you to do your homework on the different offers from these lending companies.

Review your credit history

Do you have pending loans that need settlement? If yes, think twice before applying for a home mortgage. Credit history is important in your property loan application. This will reveal your previous credit transactions on how good you are as a payer. Your credit history can make or break your loan application. Some lenders are not that strict. Most, however, implement strict rules and regulations. Once they discover you have a bad credit history, they will ask a lot of requirements from you.

With the help of a mortgage loan, you can start building your home. You should focus on selecting the best mortgage plan. Consider different factors and do not hesitate to seek advice. Protect your investment and secure a good deal. Owning a home should not be stressful.

Why You Should Consider Paying Off Your Mortgage Early


Repaying Your Mortgage Early in TempeNow that you have secured a mortgage and a new home, you could now deduct the interest from your personal income taxes over the loan term. While that’s great, mainly due to the tax incentives, should you consider paying off your mortgage earlier than expected?

Of Interest Rates

If you were lucky enough to have a low-interest rate, it might be best for you to prioritize repaying your credit cards with higher rates or investing your extra money on bonds, stocks, or mutual funds. If you have an ARM and rates are steadily rising, you might be better off paying off your mortgage so that when you rate adjusts again, you have less principal to worry about.

Your Peace of Mind

Although you couldn’t possibly quantify peace of mind like money savings or tax incentives, it’s simply a wonderful feeling to know that you own your home. Instead of waiting for 15 or 30 years, consider repaying small amounts every month to pay off your mortgage faster.

Your Retirement Plans and Other Priorities

It will be easier for you to retire early knowing that you’ve already settled your mortgage obligation. If you have children going to college, the money you saved from paying off your mortgage early could go towards their tuition fees. Likewise, if you’re planning on staying in your home, you could consider a reverse mortgage (to turn your home into a stream of income) since you’ve already repaid a large part of your mortgage, suggests a mortgage specialist in Tempe.

Pay Off Your Mortgage Early Slowly But Surely

You don’t need to make extra mortgage payments monthly, rather, only make extra payments when you have extra cash or one extra payment every year. As the years pass and your mortgage total shrinks, you will be paying off more principal and less interest, so your tax incentives won’t matter as much.

However, Keep in Mind That…

The majority of mortgage types allow mortgage prepayments without penalties. To be sure, however, once you have qualified for a mortgage, ask your lender if they penalize prepayments or not.

To Buy or Not to Buy: Deciding on Home Ownership

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Buying a New HomeIt is always nice to have a place you can call your own — a home that is yours and yours alone. The thing is, home ownership is not for everyone, especially for the unprepared. This is why it is important to consider your financial readiness before taking the plunge. Think of the costs, mortgage, and maintenance associated with owning your dream home.

Job Stability

Having a stable job is one of the most important qualifications when applying for a mortgage. If you are not sure about your current job situation, it is best to put off buying. This is to avoid the worst thing that can happen, which is losing your job and being unable to make monthly payments. If you, however, have a stable career and enough savings, it is the right time to buy a home.

Sizable Down Payment

While you can own a house with just a 5% down payment, this is not the best move. Putting a payment below 20% means paying for the additional private mortgage insurance (PMI). If you want to avoid this, better take some time to increase your savings and save for a down payment. Utah mortgage companies note that you can pay for at least 20% for a down payment, this will lower your monthly mortgage.

Money for Emergency

If purchasing a home means spending all your income on mortgage payments, it may not be the right time. It is also not advisable to choose a house that is more than what you can afford, even though you believe your income will increase in the future. Keep in mind that unexpected expenses are likely to come up, so it best that you have money for an emergency.

Make sure you are financially reading when buying a home. This means having a stable and a good paying job, as well as sizable down payment. Don’t forget to think about your credit score and debt-to-income ratio. If your financial situation is not that stable, be patient and wait. If it is, however, is in a good shape, go ahead and take the plunge.