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Three Things to Look For Before Signing Up with a Marketing Agency

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Hiring a marketing agency is akin to entrusting your business and your brand in their hands. Therefore, you should practice utmost discernment so that you end up with an agency that can truly get your message out in the market on your behalf and get results. Here are three things you need to investigate when narrowing down your oil and gas marketing agency candidates.

Client List and History

A marketing agency’s client list speaks volumes about its competence and reliability. A hefty list of familiar names means an agency is doing their job right. Otherwise, the agency is probably doing a poor job, something which you want to avoid. If you research a little about an agency you’re considering, you can also learn their client history. This knowledge can aid your eventual decision to either hire them or look elsewhere.

Creative Portfolio

A portfolio is what a marketing agency must show for their accomplishments in the industry. Studying an agency’s portfolio can give your insight into their strengths and perhaps even their weaknesses. If you see something you like, then that’s a promising start. However, if you are in a rush, you can even decide to sign up with a marketing agency on the merits of their portfolio alone.

Range of Services

Your best game is to partner with a full-service marketing agency. This will allow you to simplify processes. This allows you to avoid the stressful scenario of communicating with a variety of vendors. Why go through all those, when you could have just as easily partnered with one vendor that has consolidated all the works you need?

Once you pick a marketing agency that best suits your needs, the next step in the process is letting them know what you expect and the results you want to see.