Maintining Independence

Maintain Your Independence with a Walk-In Bath


Independent young womanPeople are more afraid of going into a nursing home than they are of dying, according to a Disabled Living Foundation survey. Losing independence and relying on others is the top fear of growing older.

After a lifetime of building a career, caring for children and grandchildren and managing a home, the idea of giving it all up and going into an old people’s home is nothing short of terrifying for some people, worse in fact, than the notion of death. While lots of homes are designed to be like a home-from-home and the carers genuinely care for their residents, most people still don’t like the idea of losing their independence and facing the embarrassment of having to rely on others.

Needing help with intimate tasks can also be a source of anxiety and embarrassment, but there is a way around it.

Help to Stay in Your Home

Slipping accidents in the bathroom and difficulty getting in and out of the bath can be remedied by getting a portable tub from Heavenly Tubs. Instead of risking a fall by climbing over the side, the user can simply open a door and walk in. Once the door is sealed, safe temperature water fills the tub, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing soak. When they have finished bathing, the water drains, and they can safely exit the tub. The flat access bath gives older people their independence back, so they can continue to wash and groom themselves without needing a relative or assistant to help them.

Easing Aches and Pains with Aromatherapy Bathing

Some models of easy access bath have an aromatherapy mode so that the user can take in the aromatic scents while they soak. This is also beneficial to soothing arthritic joints and aches and pains.

Models have grab handles and integrated non-slip surfaces, so it’s not necessary for a bath mat. Together with ramps, stair lifts and other independent living aids, many older people can successfully continue to live in their own home.