3 Ways to a Home Exterior Makeover

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Everybody aspires a beautiful and stunning home. However, if your home is old, you may be starting to doubt if you can still do something to beautify it. The good news is there are home exterior makeovers you can do to give your house that entirely new look from the outside.

Here are three ways you can do to achieve this home renovation.

1. Clean your Patio

Before opting for any exterior home design, you must first make sure that you have your outdoor area cleaned.

You can seek for a patio or driveway cleaning service here in Bromley to give your space the rework it needs. There are those that offer both residential and commercial cleaning services that  meet high quality standards.

This is the basic thing you can do to beautify your home, that is, to keep it clean and presentable.

2. Invest in a better outdoor area

After ensuring that your patio and driveway are both clean and ready to be renovated, you can now focus on redesigning it.

Some home architectural design is good but too bland. The small front porch and yard may not be aesthetically appealing and ideal for outdoor family time.

With homes like this, you can expand your front porch through cased tapered porch columns as its features. This way, you can have a more spacious area for bonding and relaxing.

Moreover, you may also opt for a new walkway and update landscaping to welcome visitors.

3. Repaint your house

Lastly, aside from having the outdoor area of your house renovated, you can redesign your home surface exterior. You can do this by repainting it.

A surface of crumbling concrete can give your house an old and dull appearance. Consider an upgraded exterior colour that can change the look of your home.

Be sure to choose a colour that matches your home design and will improve its overall look. This is one great way to renovate your home without having to break the bank.

There are more makeovers to choose from to further beautify your home aside from these three ways.

But after having your patio and driveway cleaned, renovating your outdoor space, and repainting your home exterior, you are sure to have for yourself a refreshingly new and better-looking home.

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home, As Early As Construction Stage

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Mold on the WallWhen summer arrives in British Columbia and the rest of Canada, many property owners emerge from hibernation not to enjoy the sun, but to repair water damage and remove molds. Of course, this is the best time to examine the property for defects and stop any water intrusion. Spring also reminds them about that leaky roof that has led to ceiling damage over the years. Construction defects can be hard to deal with, especially if they become visible many years down the line. Mold removal in Canada’s homes will be minimal if construction dealt with the following features.

1. Adequate Space Between Floor and Ground

Professor David Balmforth (formerly of the Institution of Civil Engineers) once suggested that all new buildings in Britain should be built at least one meter from the ground. This approach could also work in Canada as a supplement to conventional flood defense mechanisms.

2. Proper Ventilation in Attics and Crawl Spaces

Buildings that have poor ventilation in these areas constantly grapple with mold damage. You can counter this through bathroom fan venting. If there are water intrusion problems in the affected area, you may want to solve it to prevent mold exacerbation. However, the most reliable prevention is providing enough ventilation during construction.

3. Proper Installation of Building Envelope

When you talk of building envelope, you are primarily referring to exterior building materials. Poor installation of the envelope has cost many British Columbia property owners time and money in removing. The purpose of the Canadian Building Code is to prevent instances of buildings draining uncontrollably.

Mold damage claims are numerous across the country, and one leading cause of this knee-jerk reaction is poor construction practices. Remediation treatment is an expensive and lengthy process that may lead to interruptions. Be proactive by ensuring your property is built in complete adherence to existing regulations.

3 Home Investments that Could Make You Smile

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Home InteriorYou may be contented with the home that you have right now; however, there is always a room for some improvement. If you have been thinking about this too, then consider these three great additions.

Investing in a home is probably one of the wisest decisions that you have ever made. Now that you already have your home, it is time to add more value to it through some home improvements. There are three home improvements which you can consider as truly worth it. These could add value to your home and at the same time, give the entire family a huge smile every time.

The Patio

This may be one of the most important things that you can add to your home. Yes, it may be considered as an outdoor area, but it surely does wonders for the entire family. Most of the time, families gather at the patio to spend some quality time together. It is also a good place for coffee breaks in the afternoon. Do not forget to include patio enclosures, especially now that it is already the hot season. Once you have your patio, you will be surprised how it would become the most frequented area of your home.

Music Room

This is an option for families who love music. Think about it. Why allow guitars, keyboards and drums to scatter in the living area when you can have a music room where you would have all these. Your kids who play instruments will certainly enjoy it. In addition, do not forget to have the room soundproofed. According to GIKAcoustics, soundproofing the music room is very important so that the sounds of the instrument will not bother your neighbours.


This is one investment that will be worth it especially if you have more than one child. Having a playroom offers benefits not only for the kids, but even for you, as adults. Zizzy Bee Bags said that a playroom helps children learn the value of sharing and cooperative play. On the other hand, it helps your home tidier and more organised. Think about it, with a playroom, there will not be any toys lying on the floor of your living room and even in the bedrooms.

These three additions will always add value to your home. The benefits for the family are not just temporary. They are long-term benefits that you could all enjoy.

All the Reasons You Should Buy a Lake Minnetonka Home ASAP

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Houses in the Lake Minnetonka Area As homes and real estate properties remain one of the top investment properties in many areas of the country, the number of investors looking for good opportunities in the Lake Minnetonka area continues to increase.

There are many good reasons why you would want to take part in this activity, and here are just a few of them.

To take advantage of the still affordable housing rates.

Although you will find quite a few homes for sale in Lake Minnetonka, the demand exceeds the supply. This means that buyers outnumber the properties for sale, which means that the shortage will ultimately result in increased housing and rental prices.

So when you invest in a real estate properly as early as now, you can still take advantage of the affordable housing rates offered by reliable and experienced agents and brokers.

More great options to choose from.

Buy now than later and you will have more great options to select from. Remember, a lot of people tend to procrastinate when it comes to home buying, thinking that the price will drop if they wait for several more months. Do the same thing and you will end up with a lot less viable, and not to mention, unreasonably-homes. So when you invest as soon as possible, you can beat these people to the punch, allowing you to choose among those possessing a “cut above the rest” characteristic.

Friendly neighborhood and great education system.

Another huge benefit to owning and living in a Lake Minnetonka home is the kind of neighborhood and education the island boasts of. It has a good education system.

Different home styles and sizes to choose from.

The fact that Lake Minnetonka boasts of a family-friendly environment, you can rest assured that you will find a number of homes that can suit everyone in your household.

From studio types to one bedroom apartments to full-family sized homes, you will find exactly what you need in this inland lake.