Quick and Safe Methods for Breaking In New Leather Boots

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Part of hippie women sitting on curbA new pair of handmade leather boots can go great with most of your wardrobe, but the newness can take a toll on your feet. New boots are stiff and hard. When you wear them for the first few times, you may experience discomfort; you may even develop blisters.

You can save your feet, and yourself, however, by breaking in your boots quickly and correctly.

Mix Alcohol and Water

You can mix one part rubbing alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle. You can then spray the mixture into the inside of your boots, the light mist relaxing the fibers of the leather. Next, you can wear the boots indoors as much as you can.

Footwear expert HELM Boots USA, LLC states that the more you wear them, the faster they adapt to the shape of your feet.

Apply Leather Conditioner

You can use a leather conditioner instead of the rubbing alcohol-water mixture. Leather conditioner can also soften leather fibers, but it has the added benefit of waterproofing your boots. You can then wear your boots indoors and even outdoors once you feel more comfortable in them.

Blow Dry Tight Areas

You can use a blow dryer to break in your boots as well. You simply have to wear thick socks inside your boots. You can then blow dry for twenty to thirty seconds the areas where your boots feel the tightest. After blow-drying, you can walk around your home in your warm boots to let the leather stretch as it cools.

Repeat as needed, but apply leather conditioner once you finish maintaining the boots.

Insert Boot Stretchers

When you purchase leather boots regularly and wear them regularly, you may want to invest in a boot stretcher. The stretcher takes the form of a foot and allows you to stretch your boots without wearing them.

You simply insert stretchers into your boots and expand them. Lastly, you can leave the stretchers overnight.

With the different breaking in methods above, you can keep your feet safe from any blisters or pains. You can now enjoy your new pair of handmade leather boots as well.

4 Clever Tips on Renovating Your House

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Couple in new house choosing color for wallsPerhaps you’ve been waiting to upgrade your house. Feel free to do so with some handy ideas on this guide. What’s interesting is that you’ve got a lot of options in introducing changes to your space.

Here are some tips and reminders for you:

Do some prep work

Experts say you should never miss the prep work. You have to do your share by making sure things will work out just fine. Planning will help prevent unnecessary disturbance in your timeline and anticipate problems that might arise. For instance, you can hire pest control services before the renovation process. Yes Pest Pros, Inc. recommends this move to every homeowner in Indiana.

Ask for professional help

You can’t do it all alone. The good news is that you can always seek help from professional willing to provide advice or service. You may want to call a friend who knows someone good at interior design. How about checking the yellow pages or browsing the Internet to find an expert in home renovation.

Stay on top of all things

As soon as the renovation kicks off, it will be convenient for you to impose close supervision of work progress. It is important to be on top of everything to make sure the job is done right and on schedule. If you can’t spend the entire day in the area, regular short visits will do.

Be meticulous upon turnover

You should be meticulous if you don’t want mediocre output. Check the details of the renovation project upon turnover. That means you need to spend time scrutinizing the contractor’s work before getting the contract completed. This way, you wouldn’t have a hard time convincing them to revisit the house for some polishing work, if necessary.

Now that you know these things, you can start your home renovation project. Remember to work only with a reputable contractor to ensure quality work and an excellent output.

3 Ways to Make Your Fireplace a Work of Art

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The fireplace serves as a source of warmth during the colder months, but it can also work as a focal point in your living room when it’s designed the right way. Give your fireside a new look and make it look great with these awesome makeover ideas.

Customize it.

Create an entirely new and customized fireplace for your Utah home. Get the design that you want with the functionality of a traditional fireplace and create a look that fits the interior design of your home. Customizing allows you to choose the style and the materials for construction, as well as have it built in the right size. Popular styles revolve around minimalist, clean designs that are timeless and easy to maintain, too. Fireplace experts in Utah offer this type of customization and can provide design ideas that complement the style that you have in mind.

Reframe it.

Bring the lackluster surround to life by way of reframing. For example, you can amplify the look of an existing floating shelf by adding pillars to encase the fireplace. You can also build cabinets and shelves around it to make it the center of the entire wall design.

If you want to keep it subtle but with a lot of character, re-style your fireplace surround with the use of faux stacked stones for a stylish, modern look. These material looks like the real thing but is lightweight, so it requires no support installation. Create a wall-length stacked stone look for an elegant and modern vibe.

Go for a minimalist look.

Create a sleek and modern look by going for a minimalist design. You can have your surround done with slabs of marble or granite for an industrial look. If you love your existing surround wall tile but feel like you need to change something about it, re-paint it or seal it to give it some depth in color.

Updating the look of your fireside is easy with the right design and input from the experts. This part of the home is often neglected, and turning it into a functional piece of art is definitely one way to liven up your living space.

Quick Tips to Make Your Storefront Look Like a Million Dollars

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Your storefront is just like the exteriors of your own home. It is what creates the first impression. And you must make sure that yours is good. A good first impression can draw in customers, whom you can then convert into loyal patrons.

What you need to do is invest in making your storefront visually pleasing. Having a great storefront will also help in building your brand and making it relevant. If you still have no idea on how you can improve your storefront, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind.

Keep it clean

Cleanliness is one of the major elements of aesthetics. As such, you must first make sure that your storefront is always neat and tidy. Or at least, ensure that the items on display organized. This is where the help of a visual merchandiser comes in. If you can’t afford their service, you can always look for pegs and inspirations from your favorite shops.

Your window is your canvas

Your window provides you with a lot of opportunities to say what your brand has to say. As such, you can always post something interesting onto it. Or if you are brave enough, you can paint some pictures and words on it, which you can change every season. You can also dress up its interior side with drapery. For the exteriors, you can have some retractable awnings, which you can purchase in Boston.

Light it up!

You should make sure that the beauty of your storefront is still visible during night time. Invest in good and aesthetically pleasing lighting. You can do wall washing if you want to create a statement. But if you want to be subtle, you can use recessed lighting.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when improving the look of your storefront. If you want something that truly works, you can always collaborate with an interior designer and visual merchandiser.

From UI Pattern Tech to Pre-loaded Graphics: Web Design Trends that Sell

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Web DesignWeb design trends and elements, same as fashion, just evolve in a circular motion. It was in the ‘90s when the Graphic Interchange Format, more commonly known as GIF, took over the Internet. But, in the recent years, it resurfaced from the history books and developed into the memes and gag pictures of the modern times.

According to Perth Web Design, the latest web designs today are nothing new. The minimalist design, which is now the talk of the town, is nothing but the simple revival of the simple and direct user interface of old computer models. If you carefully inspect the relatively “new” trends, you’ll identify them as either an upgrade or a reinterpretation of the past.

So, whether you’re a company fishing for good web designs or a designer looking to know what’s in or out in the UI/UX, you’re sure to learn from the following trend interpretations below.

The Rise of UI Pattern Standard

If you visit some of the newly created sites, you’ll notice that UI, which is how the elements appear to the viewer, are almost identical to one another. This universal revamps of the UI is brought by the prevalence of mobile devices. Since almost everyone peeks through the tiny screens of their smartphones to surf the web, of course, the websites should appear large. Most designers address this by limiting the descriptions and ordering extremely concise and attention-grabbing copies.

Rich Content

To make way for more customer engagement, some websites provide easily detectable rich content on their home page (landing page) such as videos, gifs, and interactive elements. These active elements create a form of storytelling, which enhances a website’s appeal, credibility, and authority to its prospects.

Flat Minimalist

As previously mentioned, simple designs derived from the interface of old devices have become popular. With its compatibility with almost every device platform, flat and unyielding minimalist design is here to stay.

In terms of web design, the trends are only the second most important consideration. To stay above the fold, anticipating what will come next in the cycle is another priority.

Elements of a Results-Driven Parallax Website


When it comes to web design, what images, colors, and fonts you use can mean the difference between failure and success. To get your target market to stay on your site longer and explore or buy, you have to come up with an effective strategy that produces desired results. This is where parallax scrolling comes in.

According to companies offering website design Lakeville MN businesses recommend, parallax scrolling is a technique in web design that quickly became popular – and not without reason. Many reports show that it can help businesses drive more traffic, build trust, and increase conversions. You’re now probably eager to use this type of layout to your advantage. To design a powerful parallax scrolling website, you need to be familiar with the must-haves.

An Eye-catching Navigation Bar

Perhaps you’re curious why a parallax website still needs a navigation bar, since all the information that customers will need is already on one page. A simple yet attractive navigation bar makes sense, as it tells people where they need to go. For instance, if a visitor wants to get in touch with a company immediately, he must be easily be transferred to the “Contact” tab instead of having to scroll many times just to find the details. To include a navigation bar to your site, you can use a drop down menu or a series of small dots.

A Changing Background

Whether you want a parallax website that flows vertically or horizontally, having different background colors or images is a great idea to keep your target market engaged. In addition, this tactic helps make it easier to determine when the content switches.

A Creative Loading Page

Due to the motion effects, most parallax websites can take a bit longer to load. This is the reason you have to create an attention-grabbing loading page, so you can give your site visitors something interesting to look at while waiting.

With advancements in technology, it’s now possible to have more interesting and advanced effects on the browser. Keep in mind that parallax scrolling isn’t just about stunning layouts and cute images. It can backfire when overused. Your main goal should be to provide a great user experience.