What You Should Look For in a Child Care Centre


Whether you want your children to start learning early or you need a place to care for them while you work, you need to choose a child care centre carefully.

To help you find the right child care centre in Granville, Queensland, here are some pointers to keep in mind before you make your final choice.

A Proper Curriculum

Your child is set to learn from your chosen care centre’s curriculum. It is, therefore, important to find an institution that can support your child’s early learning requirements for a gradual transition to school. Some even have specialised program inclusions that can put more emphasis on physical activities whilst preparing students emotionally for the learning challenges ahead. Ask for all possible academic offers that can be applied to your child, so you can study and compare them.

Centre Facilities and Staffing

Take the time to personally look into your prospective centre’s facilities and staff. To better help with learning, some institutions use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and qualified staff that are not only expert instructors but are also caring and kind guides who can play a big role in your child’s formative years. A positive interaction between the staff and children is a good sign and you should consider this when choosing a centre.

School Reputation

Word-of-mouth and online reviews can likewise help narrow down your options. Do your research and read parents’ testimonials regarding your prospective child care centres. But take these with a grain of salt and try to visit the premises to gauge them personally. Talk to the parents there, so you can learn more about the institution.

Do not rush and be when making your decision. As a parent, you want what’s best for your children. Going the extra mile to find the best possible child care centre is truly worth it when you see your young ones happy with the institution you have chosen.

Enrolling Your Child in a Taekwondo Class: Is It Worth It?

Health and Fitness

Child Doing TaekwondoIf you’re looking for a self-defense school for your child, you might want to consider Taekwondo, one of the oldest form of martial arts in the world. One of the great things about it is it does not only teach self-defense, but also promotes focus, good health, and, most importantly, discipline.

Learn Discipline and Respect for Authority explains that mastering Taekwondo requires not just physical, but also mental discipline. You need it to master every move, strike, and stance. Taekwondo builds and instills respect for authority, as students need to follow precise instructions from the dojo master. Students who do not follow directions get penalties or are even removed from the training program. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids respect for authority.

Better Health

Taekwondo, just like any other martial arts, calls for cardiovascular endurance for students to be able to withstand a strenuous hour-long class. Wanting to do well in this endeavor will push students to let go of vices that can affect their cardiovascular health, such as smoking.

Learn to Defend Yourself

The primary reason for taking Taekwondo classes is to learn different ways to defend yourself. Taekwondo is not taught to be used for offensive purposes, but life does not always go according to plan. In the event that you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, you can physically defend yourself and stay out of harm’s way.

Builds Muscle Strength and Flexibility

As you progress with your training, it’s only natural that your body adapts to the arduous exercise. All that grappling and punching will soon pay off. Your body will start to develop muscles and become more flexible. After all, you do need a considerable amount of strength to take down an opponent.

Looking for a Taekwondo School

When choosing a Taekwondo school, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are the teachers good at motivating kids?
  • Are the kids properly grouped according to age, belts, or abilities?
  • Do the participating students emanate excitement and energy?
  • Does the instructor maintain order and control over the kids?

Other than equipping you with the necessary skills to defend yourself in times of danger, Taekwondo boosts your focus, teaches you discipline and respect, and makes your body stronger and more flexible. On top of that, it keeps your heart healthy. Taekwondo is no doubt a good sport to enroll your kids in.

Child-Proofing Your Home for Little or No Cost

Home and Garden

Child-Proofing Your HomeYour little bundle of joy is starting to crawl around and explore. Before you even know it, she’s on her feet, padding around your living room in her cute socks. She’s adorable, she’s curious, she makes you laugh, she’s inserting a fork in that exposed electrical outlet!

Kids are a joy to behold and have around, but they don’t know the things you know, especially the things that may put them in danger. To protect your child, do a few simple hacks that make your home more child-friendly.

  1. Cover the outlets. There are cheap plastic covers you can get from your local hardware. Not convinced these are good enough? Use electrical tape to fasten them more tightly to the wall socket.
  2. Keep the cutlery and china out of children’s reach. Transfer them from a low drawer to a cupboard kids can’t get to. Or you can use one of those drawer and cabinet chain locks available at the department store.
  3. Get some rugs or carpet so she doesn’t slip when she’s running around. Thick rugs also provide some cushion in case she does lose her footing. To make those socks extra slip-proof, use rubberised fabric paint to writer her name or decorate them.
  4. There are fence posts available in DIY kits, says. A fence will keep your child away from the pool. This can also serve as a boundary for her outdoor play area. Stair gates are also a great idea. DIY kits are perfect because they’re easy to install with minimal adjustments and simple tools, and you don’t have to pay for the labour.
  5. That 60-inch LED TV is an accident waiting to happen if it’s sitting on a TV table, even if it’s beyond your kid’s reach. Today’s flat screens typically come with a wall mount mechanism, or are at least ready to accept a third-party mount. To double the security, place the TV on a high table and fasten it to the wall using the mount.

These are simple hacks that can ensure your child’s safety at home. There are many more; you just have to look around you and think of what could still pose a danger. Act quickly. That little ball of energy isn’t waiting.