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How to Set Yourself Up for the Perfect Motorcycle Insurance Plan


A rider speeding through in his motorcycleEvery motorcycle loves the thrill of the open roads and the surge of adrenaline with each twist of the throttle. However, all this fun comes at its own unique risks. This is why every motorcycle enthusiast must invest in the best insurance cover they can afford before hitting the road.

You should be as focused on buying a good auto insurance plan in Aurora as you are when choosing a cover for your family car. You have to shop around for a company that specifically covers motorcycles and understands the different risks motorcyclists face on the road or even after parking.

1. Don’t bundle car and motorcycle.

Bundling car and motorcycle insurance always look like a good idea. You will have one policy to rule them all. The problem is you won’t have the freedom to modify each cover as you please.

Managing a joint cover might be easy when paying the bills, but you won’t get all the extra perks necessary for your bike without affecting your car cover. Insure your bike separately for the best results.

2. Modified motorcycles fetch high premiums.

Even though modified bikes are more powerful and attractive, they will always fetch higher premium since your insurer knows they are at greater risk. There is no need to get a highly modified superbike if you won’t be using 70 percent of its power or are not ready to be responsible for the higher premium.

3. Improve your motorcycling skills.

Riding a motorcycle is different from driving a car. Driving a car on the road needs basic driver skills. Bikers will always need advanced skills always to stay safe even if they never hit racing circuits. Taking advanced rider lessons could drop your premiums. Your insurer will have more faith in your riding skills.

Choosing the best motorcycle insurance is more than just shopping around for the best rates and features. You need to balance between skill, motorbike type, and product selection to ensure that you get the best value for your money.