Stop Filling Out Shipping Labels by Hand: Use these Instead

Shipping BoxesNow that you’ve determined how to pack your items and which carrier to use, you know have to decide how you’ll label them. A majority of new sellers begin by writing shipping labels by hand, but while this is a nice option, it could be very time-consuming. 

Alternatively, you can consider the following options.

Carrier Online Label Template

This can be found on your carrier’s website and is ideal for small orders, around five daily. All carriers provide online shipping label templates for their customers to fit their particular requirements. 

While this is great because you don’t have to worry so much about carrier specifications, it’s somewhat time-consuming for bigger orders since you have to go through a specific process every time you fill out a label. You have to log into the site, fill out the template, download it, and then print it—every single time.

Shipping Label Software

If you’re not already using shipping software (free or paid, doesn’t matter as long as it works for you) with labeling features, a shipping label software program is excellent. You won’t have to go online and you’ll have more automation and customization options for your labels. 

This is perfect if you don’t always have Internet access if you utilize different carriers, and if you need to fill out around five to 10 labels daily. You could just import your carrier’s template into your software and then label them in your computer.

Online Shipping Tools

These are capable of instantly aggregating your order details from different carriers and platforms, and filling out forms accurately. Some are free (minus some features), while some require a monthly fee. This is the most sensible option if you have around 10 to 20 labels to fill out daily.

With shipping, the main rule is to precisely satisfy all carrier requirements so don’t make your template from scratch. The choice between carrier online templates, label software, or shipping services will mainly depend on the amount of labels you need to fill out daily and the amount of time you can spend doing it. And remember, while you’re welcome to do all the labeling by hand, there are other, more efficient ways to do it, you just have to pick one that will work for you best.