Softwoods, Hardwoods, Composite: Decking Materials for Your Home

Man Building A Deck Near The PoolA decking material out there fits your budget. Most of the time, pressure treated lumber is the chosen default. Yet, if you have the choice, would you want to learn about the numerous available options?

There is more to decking than store-bought lumber, composite, or PVC.

Superior softwoods

Cedar and redwood are western softwoods. They have a rich and natural beauty, and they are resistant to rot. They resist destructive insects as well. Some of the most popular makers of decks here in Rockport use these softwoods exclusively since purists will not settle for anything else.

One of the most desirable materials for serious enthusiasts is B-grade redwood, which is composed mainly of heartwood. When it comes to cedar, homeowners looking for excellent building material have some options as well.

Cedar is a popular material because the best cedar decks can last for as long as 30 years.


If you are partial to the smell of genuine wood, then find a durable and reliable hardwood species. Jarrah, oak, silver gum, and mahogany are widely available in America today. Hardwood gives a stylish look and classic feel to any outdoor space.

While weathering is still a risk, especially in areas with a harsh climate, hardwood species can look great for a long time with good maintenance.

The alternative: composite

Recycled plastic and fibers of wood are the key ingredients used in making composites. They are affordable and easy to install. Anyone with the right tools can install the planks themselves. This material does not warp or fade – that is, the high-quality composites require little to no maintenance.

One of the biggest advantages of composite is that unlike hardwoods and softwoods they do not demand the application of specific oils, coatings, sealers, and cleaners.

If you can afford hardwood, several grades are available. You can also find softwood within the range of the budget you have set. Composites are popular, affordable, and reliable. Have you decided yet?