Simple Guide to Prepare for Roof Resurfacing

At some point, you might need reroofing services. You might have found damages on your roof. By repairing or replacing roof coating, you prolong its life and prevent further destruction. Here’s a pro tip: For full protection and security, it is important to use a seal that is water- and UV-resistant.

Before you consider resurfacing your roof, you must take into account if it is too old for restoration. If you do go ahead with the process, you must know its initial phase. Below are the steps to take as preparation, as explained by Barrier Roofing Ltd, Auckland’s reroofing expert:

Step 1: Protection

This step might not be officially part of the reroofing process. However, it is essential to protect the rest of your house. Cover walls, your garden and your fence — anything that could be damaged by the project.

Step 2: Cleaning

Before any work starts on your roof, its surface must be clean. Over the years, your roof will collect plenty of dirt. This includes accumulation of dust, twigs and other materials. The resurfacing process starts with getting rid of dirt, mould, algae or moss. This is to ensure that the base material sticks well with the adhesive.

Step 3: Base Coat

After cleaning, the experts usually move on to apply a base coat on top of the roof surface. This marks the beginning of the actual resurfacing.

Most people do not opt to go to professionals to resurface their roofs for financial reasons. However, it offers savings compared with tearing down and replacing the roof entirely. Finally, do not repair your roof yourself. It might be tempting to do it yourself to save on costs, but only an expert has the expertise to know how to repair or recoat your roof — not matter what material it is.