Should You Cut or Prune a Tree? Find the Answer Now

Trees in Tauranga CityYour yard, your space – this simply means whatever grows in your yard is your responsibility. Take, for example, a tree. You should prune or cut it, but you need to know the right time to do it. Read on to find the answer.

Consider pruning or trimming the tree if:

1. There are already dead branches or leaves

Just because you have seen several decayed leaves and branches does not necessarily mean you have to take the entire tree down. Simply get rid of the dried or dead ones to ensure the problem does not spread. This will likewise make the tree look more attractive.

2. You want to extend the life of the tree

Sometimes, trees can grow too many leaves that they form a wide canopy. While this provides you an amazing shade, it may reduce the amount of sunlight the rest of the leaves receive. Trimming allows the entire tree to get enough sunlight to create food.

3. The branches start to touch wires

The Tauranga City Council has specific rules when it comes to trees and electric wires, but as long as it is only the branches that touch the wires, you can remove them by yourself or, better yet, with the help of professionals.

Meanwhile, it may be appropriate to cut the tree if:

1. It is not your tree in the first place

Under the community law, you can cut the branches or remove the roots if the tree is not yours and it is invading your space. Nevertheless, for the sake of harmony, talk to your neighbour before you do so.

2. You do not want to pay for every cut

Tree Fellers reminds landowners that trees can cause electrical problems, so they should not be too close to the power lines. Otherwise, you will need to trim or cut them. If the branches require removal, the energy supplier pays for the first cut, and you pay for the succeeding ones. If you do not want the hassle, call the tree removal specialists to help you.

Make no mistake: Tauranga takes trees seriously. As the landowner, you need to do your part, and that includes either trimming or removing the plant whenever necessary.