Qualms about Divorce? Science Says Better Days Are on the Horizon

Divorce Cases in UtahTo most Utahns, divorce is generally the answer to ending an unhappy marriage. While it may be the ultimate process to legally move on and find your happiness elsewhere, you know it’s more complicated than that. Divorce is full of uncertainties, a long, dark tunnel perhaps paved with years of emotional, mental, and financial difficulties.

Good news is there’s always light, a glimmer of hope that await divorced couples—particularly in the Beehive State. If you have misgivings about getting a divorce, make peace with yourself since research shows that things are going to be alright:

Love is Likely to Last the Second Time Around

Mt. Nebo Law says that even if you ask any experienced divorce attorney in Spanish Fork, Provo, and Orem would say that divorced Utahs tend to find their perfect match if they remarry. This is the reason men and women in Utah have the lowest chances to be divorced (again) in the country.

While the state registers an above-average divorce rate, numbers show that second, or sometimes third, marriages seem to last.

Things are Expected to Work Out if You Remarry Old Enough

To reduce the odds of divorce in succeeding remarriages, you must also say “I do” at the right age. According to a study, couples that get married after the age of 32 tend to stick together forever.

This is why divorce is only popular to the young in this state. The study’s author reveals that the case could be due to the economic recession, millennials tending to put off starting a family until they’re more financially capable.

Whatever the reason, the key is to never rush and ensure you’re 100% ready to commit to another person again. If you are to make your next marriage last, time is your ally.

Your Children are Possibly Happy That it Ended

Surprisingly, a study shows seven of 10 children with divorced parents actually understand the motivation behind the separation. They feel it’s the ultimate solution to solve marital issues.

This doesn’t mean they’re not affected by the divorce to some extent, but, at least, more kids view a broken family better than a complete family without love. If your children are the only reason holding you back to file for divorce, realize that even they know it’s for the better.

Nobody dreams of getting a divorce, but it’s usually a blessing in disguise. It may spell the end of your failed marriage, but it likewise marks your life’s new chapter that’s full of opportunities to be happy.