Qualities Successful Veterinarians Have

Smiling veterinarian

Based on 2017 data, there are more than 71,000 private practice veterinary clinics in America. Amid the stiff competition, what does it take to be the kind of vet that pet owners stay loyal to?

Surveys suggest that you’ll have to acquire a combination of soft and hard skills, and perhaps a few years of experience. An excellent vet is proactive in developing his set of skills and in making his clients feel safe and valued. Little things do matter, such as handing out veterinary reminder cards to make sure pets don’t miss their appointments. Here are the most sought-after qualities a veterinarian must possess:

Knows what to do

Pet owners usually arrive distraught and confused. They ask questions, such as “What is that coffee-looking paste on my dogs’ ears?” and “Why is he pressing his head against the wall?” A good vet can diagnose the medical condition correctly and provide the appropriate treatment. It seems like an obvious straightforward requirement, but surprisingly, many pet owners come home heartbroken because of inadequate or lack of proper treatment.

Competence in veterinary service requires:

  • Good memory
  • Experience
  • A Consultative Team with Experienced Supervisors
  • Solid Background in Veterinary Medicine
  • Continuing Education
  • A “Client-first” Attitude

Loves what he does

If you love animals and treat each one as if it was your own, you are going to be a good vet. Pet owners need to know that the vet is doing everything to give their fur babies the best care possible. Two of the foremost concerns of pet owners when it comes to veterinary services are overcharging and incompetence, which happen when the relationship between the vet and client is purely transactional.

Here are a few examples of common complaints:

  • “We were charged for a procedure we never authorized.”
  • “My dog came home with an infection after surgery and the animal hospital won’t admit any liability.”
  • “My dogs bark louder and act defensively in that clinic.”
  • “They won’t let me cancel my wellness plan even though I want to make a switch.”
  • “The clinic looks dirty and their tools are inadequate.”

Being a veterinarian is a challenging yet fulfilling career. But you must care about your patients and pet owners to become successful in your proactive. Loyal customers are worth every investment because they’ll keep your practice busy and alive.