Preventing Water Damage in Your Home, As Early As Construction Stage

Mold on the WallWhen summer arrives in British Columbia and the rest of Canada, many property owners emerge from hibernation not to enjoy the sun, but to repair water damage and remove molds. Of course, this is the best time to examine the property for defects and stop any water intrusion. Spring also reminds them about that leaky roof that has led to ceiling damage over the years. Construction defects can be hard to deal with, especially if they become visible many years down the line. Mold removal in Canada’s homes will be minimal if construction dealt with the following features.

1. Adequate Space Between Floor and Ground

Professor David Balmforth (formerly of the Institution of Civil Engineers) once suggested that all new buildings in Britain should be built at least one meter from the ground. This approach could also work in Canada as a supplement to conventional flood defense mechanisms.

2. Proper Ventilation in Attics and Crawl Spaces

Buildings that have poor ventilation in these areas constantly grapple with mold damage. You can counter this through bathroom fan venting. If there are water intrusion problems in the affected area, you may want to solve it to prevent mold exacerbation. However, the most reliable prevention is providing enough ventilation during construction.

3. Proper Installation of Building Envelope

When you talk of building envelope, you are primarily referring to exterior building materials. Poor installation of the envelope has cost many British Columbia property owners time and money in removing. The purpose of the Canadian Building Code is to prevent instances of buildings draining uncontrollably.

Mold damage claims are numerous across the country, and one leading cause of this knee-jerk reaction is poor construction practices. Remediation treatment is an expensive and lengthy process that may lead to interruptions. Be proactive by ensuring your property is built in complete adherence to existing regulations.