Pre-Facelift Procedure: What You Need to Know

A woman who desires a facelift

Only a few people in the world who seemingly possesses the fountain of youth. If you are not among them fret not, because you can still look as youthful as ever, thanks to the help of modern cosmetic technology.

One of the most famous cosmetic procedure today is rhytidectomy or more commonly known as a facelift. It is a procedure that involves lifting of soft tissues as well as removing excess skin. This procedure prevents sagging and drooping giving you a more youthful look. Like any other medical procedures, there are things you need to be aware of in order to make the most out of the procedure.

1. Consultations Are Important

Before undergoing a facelift, it is important to consult with a professional for an assessment. Your bone structure skin type, medical history and other important factors that can affect the whole procedure is checked and taken into consideration. Make sure to consult with your doctor routinely before, during, and after the procedure to ensure proper healing.

2. Know Your Expectations

Center for Facial Appearances​ reminds that a facelift may help you look a few years younger, but it won’t help you look like you’re 18 years old once again when you’re already at the age of 50. There would be positive and evident changes in your appearance when you undergo facelift surgery, but make sure to have realistic expectations. Consulting with your doctor can help you better understand the pros and cons as well as the realistic outcomes of undergoing such procedures.

3. Dietary and Hygiene Concerns

Take a bath and thoroughly wash your hair before undergoing the procedure to prevent infection. Likewise, ask your doctor about dietary restrictions such as avoiding alcoholic beverages etc. days before the surgery to make sure the procedure would go well.

Like other cosmetic procedures, the secret to a successful facelift is a skilled doctor, great tools and technology, and a well-informed patient.