Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

Searching in Mobile Device

Searching in Mobile DeviceAs more and more users turn to their mobile devices to communicate with their loved ones and browse the Internet to shop clothes, it has become even more important to optimize a website for mobile sites.

Here’s why.

It’s Not Just for e-Commerce Sites

Don’t think that mobile sites are just for e-commerce. While it does take a large chunk of the mobile site users — 55% in 2013 — studies also show that an increasing number of people research online using their mobile devices. This means that you can potentially lose out business if people can’t find you online on their devices.

Mobile Users are Different

While you might think that having a traditional website for your business is enough, think again. Mobile users are different. With a different platform, this means that the way they behave and their demands would also be different. Unlike those who search through desktop PCs or laptops, these users want information in an easy-to-digest format while they are on the go. Do take this into consideration when designing your mobile site.

Create a Responsive Website

While it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices, this doesn’t mean you should forget about those who use PCs and laptops. Instead, accommodate both types of users by creating a responsive website. This type of website can recognize what type of device is being used and adjust itself accordingly to provide users optimal viewing.

To make sure that your website can accommodate the desires of mobile users, pick up your phone and try to answer this simple checklist:

  • Check the loading time. Is it taking more than three seconds for your site to load?
  • Check the design. Does it draw your attention?
  • Check the content. Is it easy to read and navigate?
  • Did your website leave you with a good user experience?

Evaluate your answers to these questions and try to improve on those that you find lacking. By looking at your site from a user perspective, you can make sure that you’ll provide actual users with the best experience you can possibly give.