Money-Saving Tips for Couples Who Want an Instagram-Worthy Wedding

Couple posing on a castle-like staircase

Many couples don’t hesitate to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to have an Instagram-worthy wedding reception. But there are actually ways you can lower the costs for your celebration at a Spring Hill wedding venue without compromising on the look and vibe you want for your big day. Here are some tips:

Keep the Guest List at a Minimum

Although you might be already tempted to put on your guest list every name that you can remember, doing so is never a good idea. Keep in mind that with each addition you make on the list, you’re also adding costs while making your wedding less intimate. If you want the celebration to be more personal, invite fewer people. Tip: If you or your partner hasn’t spoken to them in, say, three years, and they’re not related to you, don’t include them in the list.

Consider Sending Digital Invitations

Going digital is a growing trend, even at weddings. So if you feel like a hand-painted invitation is too much for your budget, you can opt for digital invites instead. Hire a graphic artist to create a design that you can print at home. You might also want to simply create a website and send your loved ones the link, where they’ll already see all the details about your upcoming wedding.

Go Minimal with the Floral

Instead of spending a huge portion of your money on flowers, try to keep things simple yet elegant. For instance, opt for a single rose for each of the bridesmaid and a small bouquet for the bride. You can also “recycle” the flowers at your wedding venue and use the same sets for your reception venue.

It only goes to show that you don’t have to see yourself in debt just to get the Instagram-worthy wedding that you want. You only need to be a little creative and smart at the same time so that you’ll achieve a wedding that’ll be remembered forever.