Mental Health: 3 Surprising Signs of Depression

Therapist comforting her patient

Thanks to the many contents published online, depression has recently been at the consciousness of the public. But still, there’s a long way to go to understand this mental condition deeply. For most people, melancholia is a sure symptom of depression, but there are other signs of depression that may surprise you:

1. Wanting to be Perfect

When you think about a depressive person, it’s usually an image of someone just lying in bed, curled up and letting responsibilities at work or home slide. But in some instances, it’s the opposite. Depression creates a feeling of an obsession. Thus you see depressive people trying to accomplish their tasks perfectly or keep their spaces spick and span.

This obsession with perfection is somehow related to anxiety. This obsession somehow acts as a protective shield against depression. Depressive people often feel that they’re not in control of their intense emotions. So what they do is they compensate for this feeling of helplessness by being on top of things they can manage, like being organized at work or cleaning the house.

To address this, most psychologists use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). In Westport, mental health experts help patients combat negative thinking patterns to make a change in behavior.

2. Lack of Emotion

A lot of people believe that people suffering from depression only think about sadness or being sad. That may be true. However, there are also patients who don’t feel necessarily sad. Rather than being aggressive towards themselves, they choose not to care at all to minimize the pain of attachment. They barely show emotions because they have lost interest in such things.

This apathy is so all-consuming that they struggle to eat because they mind their hunger, they don’t put on decent clothes when going outside since appearance doesn’t matter. And because depression is often dismissed as simply losing motivation about stuff or just being bored altogether, they feel their struggle is insignificant.

3. Easily Frustrated

You probably think that depressed people’s suicidal thoughts are from the anger they direct towards them. This is not entirely correct. They sometimes get upset and mad at people around them even at the least annoying things. Sometimes, a lot of frustrated teens turn out to have undiagnosed depression.
This happens because there’s a lot of intense emotions in depressive people they don’t know how to manage. So, it often ends up with them snapping at people around them.

There are a lot more other symptoms of depression that people don’t know yet. Educate yourself to better help a friend — or yourself.