LinkedIn: A Powerful Platform That Can Help Sales

B2B Marketing

B2B MarketingChoosing which social media network to spend precious resources and time is a task that can be a bit confounding. Looking at statistical data, however, it appears that LinkedIn is pulling ahead of the pack.

In the constantly evolving world of digital advertising, it is very important to have all points covered. For some, having a Facebook and Twitter accounts greatly help in this aspect with the belief that this is already enough. Such belief, however, is a bit misplaced because there is one aspect that they can be overlooking, which might turn out to be the most important of all. Today, you will learn why you must seriously consider LinkedIn in your digital marketing endeavors.

B2B View LinkedIn with Greater Importance Than Other Social Media Networks

According to Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn cemented its number 1 spot and easily trumped other social media networks as far as B2B marketers are concerned. This is particularly significant because the B2B market provides more solid business deals compared to direct sales from customers. Just think about this. Which one would you want to happen, marketing to 10 customers and selling 8 or marketing to 4 businesses, each purchasing 10 items, and closes a deal with 2? From you vantage point, you will definitely choose marketing to businesses as they purchase in bulk and not individual items. This makes it more profitable for your company.

LinkedIn is an Ideal Platform to Launch New Products

The days of using press releases when you are launching new products are slowly dying down. Today, the best platform to launch new products is through social media, particularly LinkedIn. In fact, PPC management service providers like Disruptive Advertising have seen this trend and have started capitalizing on it. In one poll, results show that majority of B2B businesses prefer to use LinkedIn to launch their products compared to other social media platforms. This means that a lot of businesses and users constantly monitor LinkedIn for any new products. You would be crazy not to capitalize on this.

LinkedIn is an Effective Headhunter

Want some fresh ideas on a new project? Post your job availability at LinkedIn and in less than 48 hours, you would be inundated by emails from qualified individuals. Although job boards may have made their mark in terms of looking for qualified applicants, Forbes said LinkedIn is following not too far away. Since many of these applicants are members of LinkedIn, you will not have a hard time combing through their qualifications and past employment.

For companies who are constantly on the lookout on how to use social media platforms to bolster their brand, LinkedIn should be on top of their list. The network has proven its worth when it comes to B2B businesses. It has also helped increase the search engine rankings of companies and individuals that are LinkedIn members. Given this fact, perhaps it is now time for you to consider LinkedIn