Lawn Aeration for a Healthy Lawn

Professional lawn care working on water sprinkler

Although summer is not yet over, it is time for you to start planning on hiring commercial lawn care services and preparing your lawn for the fall season. The summer heat is usually quite high, and your lawn requires special attention to grow healthy.

Aeration is one of the ways to improve the health of the lawn and fix issues with the soil. But why is soil aeration important? Below are some of the benefits of this process:

Uncompacting the Soil

The intense summer heat causes the water in the soil to evaporate, leaving you with dry and compact soil. Compact soil does not allow the penetration of air, water, and nutrients. This deprives your lawn the essential requirements they need for growth.

Promotes Growth

Aeration allows the rooting systems of the plants in the lawn to access water and nutrients. That means that the rooting system grows stronger and deeper. The results will be an ever-green lawn without putting too much effort.

Preparation for Winter

The winter weather can cause a troll on your lawn. Therefore, you should make adequate preparations to ensure your lawn keeps thriving regardless of the prevailing weather. You should aerate the soil before putting the fertilizer to allow distribution of essential nutrients that will facilitate the growth of the lawn.

Thinning Thatch

Thatch refers to the layer of grass that accumulates on top on the lawn over time. While it’s essential in providing essential nutrients and protecting the lawn from sun damage, a thick layer of thatch will prevent water and nutrients from infiltrating in the soil. The thatch could also host organisms that would feed on your grass and affect the health of the lawn. Aerating the soil gets rid of the excess thatch.

Commercial lawn care services such as landscaping, weeding, and aerating work together to ensure that your soil supports the proper growth of grass. It’s a process that will ensure that your lawn grows healthy.