Language and Its Wonders: Monolingualism vs Bilingualism

Translation ServicesMichel Foucault, Jurgen Habermas, and Noam Chomsky are among the pillars of language as a system of learning. However, someone who is not familiar with the academic aspect of language would find it hard to understand their thinking and explanation. A more familiar concept of language to people is the classification between a monolingual and a bilingual. 

A lot of individuals are monolingual inasmuch as a huge number are bilingual. This explains the rise of certified translation services in different countries around the world. There are a lot of various studies between the two groups of people and here are some similarities and differences worth noting and knowing.

Similarity of Monolinguals and Bilinguals 

Despite differences in languages used, the prominent similarity between a monolingual and a bilingual one is its neural structure. Regardless of which or how many languages you speak, all individuals use that very same part of the brain in processing and using the language of their choice. In short, monolinguals and bilinguals have similar brain construction and function.

Difference of Monolinguals and Bilinguals 

Many different tests were conducted to analyze the difference between a monolingual and a bilingual brain. In the research conducted, it was found out that bilingual brains respond more intensely when they hear certain syllables as compared to monolingual ones. A different test was done that shows that the movement of brain waves of a bilingual is similar to that of a musician.

Those tests are just among ones that are conducted that led to the conclusion regarding bilingualism and brain function. Bilingualism serves as an enrichment tool for the brain, allowing it to fare better when it comes to attention span, thus, enabling it to organize and processes language and other things that might have a connection to it.

Truly, language and communication are unique forms of art that transcend physical construction and capabilities. Enjoy it, regardless of how many languages you can speak.