In Love and Incarcerated: Are Prison Relationships Now Common?

Man behind barsIn 2015, a female North Carolina prison employee made it to the news after investigations found a connection between her alleged sexual relationship with a prison inmate and a jailbreak. According to corrections officer Robin Kay Miller, sexual relationships between inmates and officers have always been a problem, especially as allegations arise that felons may be using such affairs to break out.

For other prisoners who found love behind bars, however, a life outside is not the only factor that can fuel a relationship. A lot of them did fall in love, and with people from the outside who they met through websites and apps.

Snail Mails are Out, Apps are In

Some inmates were fortunate enough to be able to turn to bail bonds in Raleigh, NC, to attain freedom, start anew, and find love outside. Others, however, have no other choice but wait for their case to move on.  

In the past, these inmates relied on snail mail to meet friends and potential partners. With the arrival of websites and apps such as,,, and, it is easier for inmates to communicate with people and even find love interests from the outside.

Not Old News

Records show that inmates who serve time, even for the most heinous crimes, have the ability to woo people outside.

Take Lyle Menendez, for example. Lyle was incarcerated with brother Erik in 1989 for the murder of their parents. After they had been given a life sentence, he married Anna Eriksson, his pen pal, in 1997. They split up after one year, but in 2003, Lyle married another pen pal in a prison ceremony.

Scott Peterson, meanwhile, who was in the death row for the murder of his wife and his unborn son, reportedly received a significant amount of love letters from admirers.

Many people reach out to inmates to show compassion to those behind bars. Sometimes, however, it’s easy for the lines to get blurred. While some conditions can restrict inmates from forming new relationships, there are instances when such relationships work out.