How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Woman Sleeping Soundly

Many Americans experience trouble sleeping nowadays due to some factors such as over consumption of mobile technology and stress. You may have sleep issues of your own. If you want to sleep better, Cozy Earth suggests that you follow the practices below that may help you sleep.

Set a Schedule

One of the ways to achieve better sleep involves following a sleep schedule. When you follow a schedule, you will be able to accumulate enough “sleep drive” that makes you want to sleep. You can schedule what time you will sleep and what time you will wake up. The schedule will be able to ensure that you gain enough sleep no matter what day it is.

No Caffeine After Noon

For students and employees, coffee may be everything for you, but it may be what keeps you from sleeping well at night. Caffeine can last up to six hours before wearing off. To get better sleep, you can stop drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and sodas by noon. This practice ensures that the caffeine leaves your body well before bedtime.

Foster a Sleeping Environment

A good sleep also requires an environment conducive to sleeping. You can set the mood an hour before you sleep by dimming the lights and by stopping mobile device or laptop use. You can also change your bed sheets for a more comfortable bed. Many choose cotton sheets, but many have been choosing bamboo sheet for their beds. Bamboo has become a popular bedding choice.

Be Flexible

Sleeping according to a set schedule and set guidelines may seem easy, but you should always be flexible with your sleep schedule. You can sleep later in the evening or wake up later in the day, but as much as possible, follow your schedule. When you follow a schedule, and you have already adapted to it, you start to get used to it. Good sleep will come naturally as well.