Growing Pains: The Reasons Wisdom Teeth Ache

Woman with wisdom tooth pain

Adulting is difficult, and before you go through the pains of paying the bills and running errands, there’s the rite of passage called wisdom toothache. But have you ever wondered why exactly your third molars are painful?

The ‘Birth’ Pains and More

Believe it or not, you may have already experienced a relatively the same toothache before: when you were teething as a baby. When a new tooth erupts, it needs to break through the gums, causing pain and tenderness. The problem should go away when the wisdom tooth has completely emerged from the gums. In other instances, though—and this happens more often than not—the wisdom tooth erupts at a wrong angle, crowding other teeth or getting stuck under the surface of the gums. This is what dentists call impacted wisdom tooth.

Impacted wisdom tooth causes infection. You experience sore gums and jaw pain. And since these are hard to clean, you’re more at risk for cavities and gum disease, which all the more contributes to the pain. This is the reason dentists in Salt Lake City recommend wisdom teeth removal. They say extraction should be done early on to reduce the risks.

The Fix to the Pain

Before the treatment, the oral surgeon should run through the things you would need to do, say, fasting, prescription medicines, etc. During the surgery, they will use one of the different types of anesthesia (local, sedation, or general), depending on the extent of the removal procedure and your comfort. After the procedure, most people feel a little drowsy, so you may want to have someone who can drive you home. There’s minimal to no pain immediately after the surgery, but in the next three days, you may experience some discomfort and swelling.

Apply an ice pack on the face to manage the swelling. For pain in the jaw, use moist heat. Of course, don’t forget the medicines your doctor prescribed. It’s advisable to go easy on the food you eat, consuming only soft food, like soup. Stay away from smoking as well.

Are you suffering from wisdom tooth pain? The ultimate fix is to have it removed. Consult your dentist today.