Family Legacy: Passing Down Heirloom Jewelry

Woman with a silver necklace

One of the best ways families in Utah can keep their family history and memories alive is to have a family heirloom. Antique jewelry pieces carry so much history that a glance at the intricate details triggers so many memories. However, it’s not just the very item, along with its sentimental value, which makes heirlooms memorable; it’s the “ceremony” of passing it to down.

Here are ways to make passing down heirloom jewelry more special:

Reserve a Special Occasion for the “Ceremony”

Timing is important here. The best time to give an heirloom to the next generation is during celebrations of major life events. For instance, you can give your grandmother’s diamond earrings to your daughter on her 18th birthday or wedding day. No doubt, this gift will be most appreciated.

Remember, though, that while diamonds are forever, they could wear down and start to look lackluster. So, before you pass it on to your daughter, see if it might need jewelry repair. Jewelers in Salt Lake City, such as AAA Jewelers, help you assess the quality of your piece and restore the stylish, elegant look of the diamond.

Share the Story Behind the Jewelry

Don’t just give the heirloom. Spend some time to tell the story about what makes this jewelry piece special. It’s best if you can mention interesting details; the little anecdotes make the piece all the more memorable. If your grandmother gave you the diamond jewelry the day you got engaged, relate the romantic bits of that event to your daughter so that she will appreciate the item more. She would love to hear it.

If your jewelry doesn’t have a bold, grand story behind it, don’t worry; that’s fine. Focus on the sentimental value of the piece to you, and how it played a special role in your life.

Let Them Know Its Value

Apart from the sentimental value of the jewelry, it’s also good to share with your children its monetary value so that they would appreciate the piece. If you had a recent appraisal, you could give that document along with the item. Or if you haven’t yet, then tell your loved one the importance of getting it appraised.

Passing down heirloom jewelry is one of the greatest ways to keep your family’s legacy alive. Give your treasured piece in the most special way with these tips.