Efficient Types of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

White rainwater tanks

Rainwater harvesting is an essential activity for most properties. There exists a range of rainwater harvesting systems. In principle, however, they all perform a similar function: harvesting and storage of rainwater to ensure a constant water supply.

An essential component of all systems is poly rainwater tanks. Rapid Plas tanks are some of the most popular choices since they are lightweight, eco-friendly, corrosion-free, and easy to install and transport. Your available space and water requirements primarily determine the ideal rainwater harvesting system for you.

Here are some examples of the systems on the market:

Gravity-Fed Systems

This system consists of three rainwater tanks. The first tank collects rain from your property’s roof and pumps it into a storage tank. This water is then pumped into a header tank in your loft from where it supplies water to your property by its pressure gravity. This system requires less pump power compared to other systems and is easier to install. The pressure in this system is however insufficient to supply dishwashers and washing machines.

Direct Systems

This system mainly comprises two tanks. The first tank collects water from your roof when it rains and sends it into a storage tank. The storage tank has a small filter which filters stored rainwater before pumping it into your house. Some homeowners connect the storage tank to their mains water supply to top up water in periods of drought. A direct system supplies water to all areas of our house as it is pressurised.

Gravity-Only Systems

This rainwater harvesting system requires no pumps. The collection and storage tanks are both located above the supply outlets. The arrangement therefore only uses the power of gravity to supply the stored water to your household.

Except for gravity-only systems, underground installation of storage tanks is advisable. This location eliminates the risk of algae growth in your stored water. It also allows you to install large water tanks without taking up too much space.