Designing a Website for a Successful Digital Presence

Website designer at work

Websites today are more than images, words and animation. Websites are now a presence. Their presence allows anyone from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection to know about your business. Indeed, websites have become more of a necessity than a want. You need to have a well-designed online presence, or your online visitors may lose patience and leave.

Luckily, there are web design services in Jupiter, Florida, who can give you the right information and help. Here are three features every good website should have:

Ease of Navigation

Navigation is an important part of a website’s structure. Ease of navigation is almost always the first criterion that site visitors notice when they visit your site. The navigation bar should be placed clearly with clear demarcation of the sections. The sections should be clickable and lead where it indicates. The company logo should be visible and clickable. The user should find it easy to surf your website and find what they need. If it requires them a long time or they need to use “search” to find what they need, you could lose a lot of customers.

Quality of Content

Content is king online. Most surfers usually surf the Internet looking for information that will help them make a decision or gain knowledge. Either way, the content on your website should contain information that is clear and authoritative. This will include knowing what your organization offers and why a customer might want your expertise. Use images, graphs, and videos to present this information, so your audience will find the different kinds of presentation very helpful and informative.


Smartphones and tablets are becoming a driving force for web traffic. As of 2017, 57 percent of website traffic came from smartphone and tablet users. This number will continue to grow as mobile technology becomes pervasive. Websites need to be accessible not only from personal computers but also from mobile devices. Companies that don’t adopt this trend will find their online traffic severely limited when they are not accessible from different platforms.

A good website designer should be able to do all of these for you to make your online presence a success. Having a website allows you to have a strong digital presence and help you in your digital marketing efforts.