Current Weed Control Innovations and Trends to Grow Healthy Plants

Weed Leaf

The need for effective and sustainable weed control measures is dire. Soil moisture, nutrients, carbon dioxide, and sunlight are the basic needs of plants to make food.

When there are plants out of place in a row of crops, in a yard, or a garden, the competition might be too much. Weeds compromise the growth of plants and affect the local ecosystem.
Using herbicides

In Edmond, pest control companies specializing in weed control believe in the necessity for effective measures. Sure Shot Pest Control notes that weeds reduce crop yields and increase the costs of raising healthy plants. Traditional hand cutting is inefficient and time-consuming, but the use of certain herbicides has disadvantages and may affect the plants being raised inadvertently.

The development of chemical herbicides now focuses on producing solutions that leave the desired crops relatively unharmed while weeds are eliminated for good.

Methods and tools for prevention

With continued advancements in the field of weed control, researchers have realized that prevention of weed growth is still the most effective approach with better long-term benefits.

Maintaining the health of the soil is an important preventive approach. For certain weeds, the presence of a specific nutrient is a deterrent for growth. A local specialist can provide guidelines on optimal fertilization methods so that the improved soil is not prone to weed growth.

Another preventive measure widely implemented in the USA is the use of landscape fabric to cover the ground. The fabric, burlap, or plastic material draped over the soil serves as a thin barrier. The holes allow water and air into the soil. The coverage is effective in controlling or preventing weed growth. To maximize the effectiveness of this method, it is imperative that the measure is implemented early. Moreover, placing mulch or rocks over the fabric further reduces the likelihood of germination of weed seeds.

Weed control is important for the growth of crops and effective garden care. Talk to your local agriculturists or weed control experts to find out more about new and sustainable ways to prevent weed infestation for better crop quality and increased harvest.