Cowboy Must-Haves: 4 Clothing Items Fitted for the Wild Outdoors

a silhouette of a cowboy

Cowboys form a large part of American culture. You see them in films and other media that invoke imagery of the Wild West. You probably have an idea of what cowboys look like, based on these movies; they ride horses, wield pistols, and turn their hats to the side.

While this might seem exaggerated, parts of these are true and actually worn by cowboys up to this day. Here’s a closer look at how:

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots for men are a common purchase among members of this culture. This is a practical article of clothing because cowboys spend lots of time on rocky or muddy terrain, something that normal shoes wouldn’t endure. Boots allow cowboys to traverse these pieces of land without getting their feet hurt.

Belts and Suspenders

Because cowboys live an active lifestyle, it makes sense to wear belts and suspenders to make sure clothing won’t get loose. This is important because uncomfortable clothing could distract a cowboy from riding a horse properly or treading an uphill path to the farm.

Hats and Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses are also worn by cowboys to protect their head and eyes from intense sunlight. Because cowboys are usually in sunny states, such as those in the Midwest, they would need sun protection as they herd animals or take care of the farm.


Cowboys need gloves as they work with ropes, metal tools, and other products that might injure exposed hands. Manufacturers make gloves using durable material that can withstand friction from ropes or heat from the fire while providing a steady grip for the cowboy.

Cowboys are known not just for old Hollywood movies, but also for their clothing. Iconic things that they wear include cowboy boots, hats, belts, and gloves. These are essentials for cowboys to do their outdoor tasks efficiently.