Copper: From Scrap to Cash

Scrapheap of copper foil

Copper has been around for a long time. Not only has it been present and used, but it has also been recycled ever since its usage was discovered. The Copper Development Association stated that copper recycling had been normal economic practice. During the war, cannons were recycled to become something more useful, so are other artifacts.

What is copper?

Aside from being an element that you can find in a periodic table, copper is a natural element that has been present since 10,000 years ago and is highly valued by scrap metal collectors. In fact, the copper business has been highly dependent on its ability to be recycled and reused. Therefore things made out of copper, like that Belgian copper garden planter from Authentic Provence in your backyard, or your cable wires are highly likely to possess other forms and purpose hundreds of years back.

Copper is highly valuable because it does not degrade nor change despite recycling. It is also an excellent electric conductor, thus making it an essential element in the metal industry along with iron and aluminum.

How is it recycled?

Recycling copper by yourself is not too hard if you would just make use of your old copper mug and turn it into a planting pot. But changing the whole appearance of copper can be quite challenging, not to mention nearly impossible to be done at home, especially when the right tools are absent. But, this does not mean you cannot earn. Selling your copper pieces to scrap collectors can give you a decent amount of the junk you have thrown out. Contacting your local recycling facility can also be an option.

Scout around your house of any copper pieces that has been lying around for a long time and turn those scraps into cash. Not only would it give you a few bucks, but it would also help you save the earth and its finite resources like copper.