Common Treatment Programs for Drug Addiction

a man consulting a drug rehabilitation specialist

Treatment of addiction involves various stages that experts classify into modalities. Year after year, the programs and approaches to addressing addiction evolve. The specialists at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient note, however, that three programs remain long-standing in assisting drug addiction recovery in Utah.

Long-Term Residential Treatment

Both faith and non-faith based centers can provide residential treatment. In this case, the center provides care round the clock, as long as the patient takes up residence within the facility. The idea is to provide a program packed with social contexts, staff and other residents to assist with recovery. They plan the duration of treatment to last anywhere as long as six months to a year. They address any social, individual and psychological issues and they encourage patients to develop personal responsibility and accountability.

Short-Term Residential Treatment

During short-term treatment, experts put into place a modified version of the twelve-step approach. The program becomes intensive and considerably brief, lasting anywhere from three to six weeks, depending on the patient’s state and cooperation. Here, they offer continuing support, and the majority of recovering clients join self-help groups. During their stay within the residence and when they continue with outpatient treatment, the experts aim to minimize chances of developing relapse.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs are numerous; they mostly vary in intensity and type. What is evident in these programs is that they are less expensive and are ideal for working citizens or those in need of special social support at home. The level of care they require will greatly depend on the patient’s specific needs and characteristics, and also on the values the center upholds. A majority of top rehabilitation centers will provide outpatient models that are comparable to residential programs.

Aside from these programs, rehabilitation centers offer different approaches in addressing drug addiction recovery in Utah. Faith-based centers often add programs that enhance the zeal of their patients who are searching for additional meaning to leading a clean and healthy life.