Common Problems You Might Experience with Your Spa after Considerable Use

spa tub on the backyard

A swimming pool and spa are an integral part of almost every home and profit-making cosmetic service business. Apart from relaxation, a spa has therapeutic benefits. The water jets massage your aching joints and provide relief for a myriad of health issues.

There are times, however, that you might be in need of spa repair in your Salt Lake City home or business. Broken down spas can be frustrating and timely intervention is essential. Here are some common issues that may call for a repair expert.

Cloudy Water

The common reason for cloudy spa water is an elevated level of calcium or total alkalinity. The ideal calcium level for spa water should not be more than 300ppm with a total alkalinity of less than 150ppm.

Chalky white deposits on your spa’s walls are moreover a consequence of calcium buildup. Cloudy water could also be an indication of dirty filters resulting from residue and body oils.

Low Water Flow

Low spa flow is typical of a dirty spa as debris clogs your pump’s impeller, spa drain covers, pips and closed valves. The debris over time leads to complete breakdown of these crucial spa elements and hence timely intervention immediately you notice low flow is essential.

An air leak in your suction piping evidenced by unexplained air bubbles at your pump’s jets or outlets could also affect your water flow.


Leaky seals typically cause water chemistry issues even before you realize the leak. If you do not spot leaks early, you will find that by the time you notice them, water will have built up around your spa equipment, and this will have led to electrical shots.

The ideal way to avoid leaks is to regularly check and replace old pump seals, O-rings and filters.

The common denominator in preventing all the issues above is expert maintenance. This keeps your spa in excellent shape and diagnoses any problems early and prevents costly repairs later. The frequency of your maintenance works depends on how often you use the spa.