Common Orthodontic Appliances that Can Improve Your Smile


Did you know that improper tooth positioning has become one of the most common reasons for dental visits worldwide? Statistics show that the incidence of dental consultations due to malocclusion or tooth misalignment has been slowly increasing over the past five years. Therefore, it is crucial to visit an orthodontist in West Jordan who can restore tooth appearance.

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are one of the most common cosmetic reasons for visiting a dentist. This orthodontic appliance straightens teeth by altering the configuration of your enamel. It is comprised of brackets, wires, and ligatures that apply varying pressure levels to change tooth alignment. Over time, the constant pressure produces a long-term effect on tooth alignment. After each visit, your orthodontist assesses the progress of dentition correction and uses elastic bands to hasten tooth movement. After two to three years of wearing fixed braces, permanent tooth straightening is expected.


After the removal of your traditional braces, the teeth must be maintained on dental retainers. These are worn for at least one year to hold your teeth in place. Fasteners are customized based on an individual’s dentition to ensure that each tooth will not shift back to its original position. Unfortunately, since retainers are removable devices, some people do not wear them consistently, which may revert teeth into their previously misaligned position. Hence, it is vital to wear your custom-made retainers at least overnight to ensure long-term tooth straightening.


Invisalign are clear orthodontic devices that adjust your bite. These are suitable alternatives for teenagers and young adults who prefer clear braces over conventional metal braces. These customized, transparent aligners also reduce the risk of gum bleeding and ulcerations to minimize infection.

The Bottom Line

Malocclusion might impair several activities, such as eating, speaking, and smiling. Therefore, it is essential to visit an orthodontist who can correct your bite not just to improve your digestive function but also to enhance your overall aesthetic appearance.